Take Your Position: The Best Ways To Arrange Your Furniture

by Editor on July 7, 2013


A new furniture arrangement is a fast and easy way to change and update the look of your home. Spruce up your family room by rearranging couches, tables and chairs on top of an area rug. Lighten up your bedroom by strategically placing your bed, dresser and lamps. And don’t forget the walls–tactful placement of pictures, mirrors and paintings can improve the decor of any room.

Arranging furniture throughout your home may seem like an easy concept, but there’s a reason some people leave it up to the experts. To help you avoid making some common mistakes, review the tips below for proper furniture placement.

Arrangement of Couches and Chairs

Design experts suggest deliberately leaving some space around your living room furniture. If your couches and chairs are set against a wall, move them out a few inches to make the space feel bigger. You can also divide the room into separate spaces by placing a couch out in the open area so that it faces a large window or fireplace.


Proper lighting can brighten up any space in your home. In the eating area, try placing your dining table directly under overhead lights. Use tall standing lamps in your living and sleeping areas to emphasize high ceilings and create a sense of open space. Balance your lighting by placing lamps on at least three sides of the room.

Area Rugs

A strategically-placed area rug is a fantastically simple way to define and warm a living space. Your rug should be almost as big as the space, but keep some flooring exposed. Place furniture with at least the front legs on the rug to create a unified look.

Furniture Placement in the Bedroom

Your bed should be the focal point of your sleeping quarters. Place the bed in the center of the room or opposite large doors and windows. Dressers are best if placed against a wall. Do not arrange your dresser in a corner or out in the open unless there is no other possible option.

Wall Hangings

Pictures, paintings, and mirrors are the final pieces in room arrangement. Hang pictures above your furniture, but not too high. Try arranging wall hangings on the floor before transferring your ideas to the wall. You can cut pieces of paper to the sizes and shapes of your wall hangings and hang these on the wall with tape. This will give you a sense of placement before you actually put in permanent holes.


Not only do curtains offer a sense of privacy, but they are also a great way to soften up a room and even add color. Place your curtains as high as they can go to expand the room. You can even hang them from the ceiling and drape them all the way to the floor.

Tricks of the Trade

Proper furniture arrangement usually takes some trial and error. Sometimes it is difficult to achieve both comfort and aesthetic appeal. Furniture placement, lighting, and wall hangings are all vital to achieving a practical and attractive look. With a little practice, using the tips above, you will soon be arranging furniture like the pros.

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