Struggling To Renovate Your Home As A Couple? Here Are 5 Flooring Ideas You Will Both Love

by Editor on May 27, 2013


If you’ve taken the plunge and decided to buy your first home with your partner, then you might be wary of disputes over how the rooms should be designed.   Choosing which flooring will be placed into each room is often one of the most disputed factors, with many people having their own views and opinions.  What are the different options, and how can they keep you both happy?

Polished wood.  Probably the most traditional choice on this list, classic polished wood floors give a really rich and luxurious feel to any design.  This makes them ideal if you’re trying to present an image of wealth and sophistication; not to mention a bit of glamour!  Of course, the man of the family might be a little opposed to that idea.  How to combine glamour with something a lad won’t cringe at?  Simple: darker woods.  If there’s one material that’s oddly manly, it’s dark solid timber.  Expect to find him strolling across it in a custom suit pretending he’s Don Draper at some point or another.

Colour-stained floorboards.  If you want to create a vibrant, modern design in your building, then stained floorboards are ideal.   Staining classic timber in an assortment of different shades around one colour scheme (blue is quite popular) creates a real eye-catching sense of visuals, and can be a great way to help add a sense of space to smaller rooms such as hallways or small offices.  Again, there’s the potential for this to be quite a feminine look, so an excellent way to combat this is to go with the age-old trick: using his football team’s colours!  You’ll usually be able to find one or two colours you like, especially if you take into account the away kits.  The result: a stunning room for the lady, and a reminder of that last minute cup win for the man.  Stereotypical?  Yup.  True anyway? Oh, yes…

A mixed finish flooring.  Whilst it’s common enough for homeowners to explore designs that fit within strict rules, many people are choosing to integrate different materials into their design in order to create a jarred feel to a design.  For instance, a less subtle combination of very pale and very dark woods maintains the air of style, but without conforming to the predictability of more traditional patterns.  If you combine this with off-kilter accessories and finishes (such as painted steps in a hallway, or bright wallpaper in a living room) you’ll be able to achieve an aesthetic that is genuinely one-of-a-kind.  It also gives you both a chance to get involved, the contrasting styles meaning that you can designate both of you an area of the room, and bring your two unique perspectives on the design together.  Of course, you’ll need to share the ideas before you actually charge in with the paint and wood, otherwise you might end up with quite the Jekyll and Hyde room.  The scary kind, mind, not the nicely contrasting kind.

Pale parquet flooring.  If you want to create a lighter, airier space in your room, then parquet flooring is ideal, bringing a Scandinavian look to your home.  The pale blond wood creates a very modern looking aesthetic, without being too obvious in the way conventional floorboards would be.   As a couple, parquet flooring can be a really good type of design to work on together, with a lot of room for improvisation within the patterns.  Of course, it’s entirely possible that the idea of designing patterns will make you fall asleep (yes guys, we’re looking at you) in which case, feel free to concern yourself with actually laying down the floor, possibly whilst singing filthy rugby songs and drinking beer.

Painted and distressed floorboards.  Whilst the name might not sound too appealing, distressed and painted floorboards offer a wonderful, washed feel ideal for the summer months.  Light green is a very popular colour used within this type of flooring.  Distressed floorboards are perfect if you want to add a hint of individuality to your design without anything being too over-powering.  Strong, bold colours aren’t for everyone, after all.  Again, the football team colour treatment might well be in order!

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By day, Steve McAvoy works as a consultant at a luxury online wood flooring supplier based in the UK. By night, he and his wife Claire work on renovating their beautiful period property in the Essex countryside!

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