Stop! Don’t Rush Into Your Kitchen Refit!

by Editor on June 14, 2013


Sick of looking at the same old beige tiles? Can’t get your head around why someone would decorate a kitchen with epilepsy-inducing wallpaper? Tired of never being able to prepare meals the way you want to? If that’s the case, then either you’re on the verge of having a nervous breakdown, or you’re preparing to embark on a kitchen refit. Hopefully it is the latter, but before you do start knocking down walls, ordering new domestic appliances and finding tiles that don’t pose a risk to people’s health, make sure you have planned out the whole process and are sure that the route you’re taking is the right one.


One of the first things that it is vital to do before getting stuck into a kitchen refit is to ensure that you have worked out how much money you have to spend, and how much the work is going to cost. And remember, you’ll need to include everything. And that means everything! The bill for your new range cooker, the cost of employing the workmen and the money that’s going on materials all needs to be included. It’s also highly advisable to budget for an extra 20 per cent to ensure that if the project does take longer than anticipated, you won’t have to start cutting corners to bring it in on budget.

Shop around  

Don’t forget to shop around, especially if you are working to a tight budget. You might not be able to save money on top of the range appliances and labour costs, but you might be able to source a work surface direct from a stonemason for instance. Could you get a deal on your new tiles by going straight to a wholesaler?


Remember the importance of space and how much of it you actually have to play with. Don’t start thinking about installing American double-door fridges if it means you’re going to be left having to squeeze through the door to get in the kitchen. Think about how much room you want to prepare meals and what you’d like to have in your kitchen but don’t now. And for goodness sake don’t forget to think about storage – if you’ve got a brand new kitchen then you won’t want to have clutter all over the top of the work surfaces.

Think practically

Make sure you consider how long your kitchen is going to be a building site for, and what effect this is likely to have on your home life. Being realistic is key. Putting up with inconvenience is one thing, but do you really want to be eating baked beans cooked on a camping stove in the lounge for weeks on end?

Think ahead

When preparing to embark on any kind of renovation project it is worth considering not only what the work will mean to you in the immediate future, but also what impact it is likely to have on the value of the property in the future. Remember that a clean, functional and well-thought through kitchen is a valuable commodity and by pushing your budget a little now, you could well reap the rewards further down the line.

About the Author

Guest post contributed by Lauren Jones, an avid interior design fan, especially when it comes to Kitchens and kitchen appliances, her favourite appliance in the kitchen has to be the rangemaster range cookers.

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