Stop! Don’t Hire A Commercial Window Company Until You Read This!

by Editor on June 6, 2013


If you own or manage a large commercial building, it’s almost a certainty that you will be required to replace a window, or multiple windows in your building. Replacing commercial windows is not even close to the same thing as replacing windows in a house. There are quite a few environmental and structural factors you have to consider. Whatever you do, don’t do anything until you’ve read this article.

Check References and Reviews

Make sure any company you hire is specialized in commercial building work. It cannot be stressed enough: builders are specialized, just because someone is good at construction doesn’t mean they are good at commercial repairs and replacement work. Do a basic online reputation search for companies in your area. Ensure they have good reviews and positive feedback. You will always find some negative reviews, but as long as the vast majority of reviewers are positive, then you can feel confident moving forward.

Have Information About the Work Needed Before You Call

While residential construction generally has standard sizes for windows, commercial window replacement can come in virtually any size. Good contractors can accommodate your needs, but to be able to give you a good estimate or timeframe to get work done, they have to know what the work entails. If you can get a general measurement, or even better, find the exact window sizes in your building’s construction plans, life will be easier for you and your contractor.

Find Out About Tax Breaks

There may be tax breaks available if you choose certain types of windows. For example, energy efficient windows which reduce the need for heating and air conditioning oftentimes save you money in the long run by cutting down your property tax bill. It may cost more upfront, but the long term savings will more than make up for it. Not only will you save money on taxes, but energy efficient windows also bring down other costs too, sometimes significantly (especially if the previous windows were very old and not efficient at all).

Determine If You Need to Replace More Windows

You may be in need of a replacement because something cracked the window, but depending on the age and size of the building you may be better off replacing all (or most) of your existing windows. Many times, a bulk order will come with a reduced cost and make it easier to schedule the work so it all gets done at one time. Another advantage is efficiency and tax breaks that full replacements can offer your building.

There could be a million reasons you need to hire a window replacement company, but before you do anything make sure you think through the above tips. Ensure that the company you contract with has a great reputation and as important, is skilled and specializes in commercial window replacement. Know information about the window or windows you’ll be having replaced before you call, this will save time and money. Finally check with your local or state tax office to find out benefits or tax breaks are available for certain replacements you make.

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