Specific And Effective Tips To Help You In Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

by Editor on May 15, 2013

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There are people who equal cleanliness to being happy. There are practical reasons for keeping anything clean. It could be your car, your home, backyard and your kitchen. Keeping something clean gives a better return on your investment in those household items.

This is of specific importance when it comes to items that are used in the kitchen. Whether you actively cook or only bake food items occasionally, your kitchen contains a collection of appliances and utensils that cost a lot of money to purchase. Under normal circumstances, kitchen equipment is expected to last at least a few years and decades at best. If you visit your parents’ house, you can still probably have dinner in the same set of plates and cutlery which you ate food when you were young.

Given this scenario, it is best to know how to keep the kitchen and all the things in it clean. This ensures their longevity.

Take Care Of Garbage

Odd as it sounds, we would like to begin with the garbage. None of us want to deal with garbage at a very personal level, because, well, its garbage. The fact of the matter is, your garbage disposal system is the most important part of your kitchen. In most houses, the kitchen is probably the only place where degradable items are used day in and day out.

Degradable items can range from cut open vegetables to uneaten fruits, meat and food packaging. Every cooking session introduces a whole bag of stuff that has to be disposed of properly. It is unpleasant, dealing with the garbage disposal system but this is the first thing that you should check in the kitchen every day. If you use garbage bags, then ensure that they are removed and replaced with new ones every day.

Clean That Microwave

Even if you are not cooking regularly, you will use the oven in your kitchen more than any other food gadget in the kitchen. You could be ordering out food or you have kept ready to eat food items in the kitchen. Whatever is the case, it will need some heating before you can eat it. The device to use is the always useful microwave oven. So, this needs regular maintenance.

Microwave cleaning can be made unusually complicated on several occasions. If you and your family members don’t spill and use the oven with care, then your cleaning efforts become simple. The best thing to do is to place some tissue paper that has been moistened in the oven, in all directions and let it absorb all the dirt. Then, fire up the oven and let it go warm for a few minutes. This should take care of most of the dirt in the oven. Anything that is left over can be wiped clean with a wet cloth.

The Cooking Pan

The cooking pan is a tricky utensil because it has one thing that other utensils don’t have. A dual layer, in the form of non-stick, which should be left intact on the utensil. While cleaning the pan, if you inadvertently clear off the layer that makes your pan lose its non-sticky property, the pan will be downgraded to a regular pan which is useless.

This is why you should use a cleaning liquid that does not have any strong cleaning agent. As much as possible, try and avoid using hard bristle brush to clean the utensils. Especially items such as the cooking pan which are a little sensitive than the other utensils. It’s like a soft kid in a group of hard core nut crackers. It has to be handled with care. If you constantly find yourself not able to clean the pan properly because it has way too many sticky food items, the ideal thing to do is to soak tough pans overnight so that the sticky items go loose on their own.

In fact, when it comes to the vessels we have found that a generous amount of soaking reduces the amount of cleaning agent as well as cleaning pressure that needs to be used to wash the dishes.

A final thought on cleaning the kitchen or for that matter any part of the house. Cleaning is an activity that you should be doing on a regular basis using the right method as well as the correct equipment. If you find that you are not really good at it or find that your job does not allow enough time to keep your house clean, it is not a bad idea to get help from external agencies.

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