Using Candles with Flair In Your Home’s Interior Design

by Editor on June 24, 2012

Is There a Best Place for candles?

The beauty behind candles is not just due to the warm flare but also in its versatility as a decorative piece. Whether in a bathroom or bedroom, they can easily blend in any kind of furniture such as television stands, coffee tables, desks, etc. Plus, when they are placed where they can be reflected by a mirror, the light produced is multiplied adding further drama and effects. It is also a lovely touch to place seasonal plants around a candle on the kitchen table.

Build Yourselves some Shelves…

A special touch can be added to your home by constructing shelves upon which to place candles. This enhances walls, leads the eye upwards and is an inexpensive, unique way to decorate the home. When faced with bare walls, a few shelves of different heights, designs and sizes can create a stunning effect. Just make absolutely sure that the shelves are mounted securely so that the candles will absolutely not fall off.

Candle Wall Sconces for an Elegant Touch…

Candle wall sconces are also an excellent idea for an elegant touch to any home. There are a huge variety of candle wall sconces out there that can be incorporated into a number of interior design themes so search for the kind that will most complement your house. Additionally, symmetrical candle wall sconces on either sides of a doorway or mirror add an irresistible romantic touch to the home especially in the evening hours.

Candle Lamps for the Romantic among Us…

Candle lamps are an additional way to add a warm touch to the house. Once again, there are a variety of styles available so choose the style that is right for you and your house. You can even place a candle lamp on a specially built shelf- a kind of combination of two ideas offered in this article. A candle lamp on a bookcase always has a cozy look but be wary not to burn the bookcase- some bookcases don’t have enough space between shelves to allow for a burning candle to sit in a lamp on a shelf.

Not just a matter of religion…

Many religions use candles as part of their ceremonies and holy days and will sometimes have special candle-sticks that hold the candles. If you have such candle-sticks, be sure to display them in such a way that adds something special to your house. Don’t just stuff them in a cupboard to be taken out for religious occasions; display your heritage by placing the candles in a prominent place or as a center piece.

Some Feng Shui Tips…

For adherents of Feng Shui, it is well-known that candles are the strongest expression of the Feng Shui element of Fire and if you are interested in following Feng Shui guidelines then candles should ideally be placed in the Feng Shui areas of South, Southwest, Northeast and Center. It is worthwhile paying attention to the color of the candles too as well as the candleholder. Candles are believed, according to Feng Shui followers, to invoke the energy of purification and inspiration, to warm up the energy and to help release daily stress even with just a simple reflection on your kitchen tiles.

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