Smoke And Other Particulates Cling To Surfaces? Seek Instant Repair Solutions

by Editor on June 2, 2013

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One of the most traumaticdisasters that can occur to your property is fire damage. Most fires will leave some part of your home or business burnt and unfit for use. However, the bigger part of the damage will be from the soot, smell and water. The first thing that crosses your mind in such a situation is to immediately clean your house. However, it would be very be more damaging if you do this without professional help.

Post fire it’s a complex procedure to restore the property to its original condition. Technicians who are certified are required for proper smoke and odor removal. Hence, when you select a firm look for the following:

  • Certified up to date training of personal
  • Health and safety certifications
  • Experience in restoration projects
  • Evidence that their insurance and licenses are in order

Water Damage to your house

The first key thing to do is tostart the drying process. If you get professional help, they will have industrial fans and dehumidifiers to dry your carpet and windows. This is important as wet carpets will cause mold and mildew in the floor below. In this case you will be spending, a lot of money on replacing carpets and floors also. The walls and floors can also get affected by water damage, which will only reveal after the soot has been removed.

The soot that gets in and sticks into every crevice in your house

Soot is an oil based residue left after the fire. It will very easily stain your linens, carpets, curtains and even your walls or ceilings. So the first step,before you go about battling the smell is to remove the soot. Professional companies will for this reason remove items such as window coverings and furniture first. Then they will work on removing soot with anindustrial strength vacuum. Though you should keep in mind, which in some cases the textiles may be beyond saving. In which case, it’s best to replace them with new stuff. The type of paint and finish on your walls will decide what combination of chemicals will help remove the soot from the walls. This will ensure there is no further damage to the walls.

Using cutting edge technology to repair fire services

If your property has been affected by smoke or fire Bay Area DKI can assist you with handling your property reconstruction and contents restoration. Bay Area DKI has the ability to quickly and efficiently restore fire damaged structures in the Tampa Bay area to their original pre-loss condition.They use cutting edge fire &smoke damage restoration techniques.

They have developed efficient cleaning procedures, and engage the use of specialized renovationchemicals.These are capable of removing stains from smoke, debris left from flood, and other destruction caused by fire and water on different surfaces. They are also trained in the proper cleaning, procedures that will remove coating of soot. Using the most currenttraining and procedure available, these practices ensure that soot and other fire damage won’t become permanently embedded in the structure.

To return your residential or commercial property to its pre fire glory requires professional restoration. This is not the job for a DIY project from you.

About the Author

This article is submitted by Jack Hunter, a freelance writer and a part-time fire-fighter. He tells if your house gets damaged by fire or smoke don’t panic, just call some good contractors and they will restore the damaged structures to their original pre-loss condition.

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