Six Ways To Increase Your Home’s Value

by Editor on April 30, 2013


Building a house requires a substantial amount. Hence, you want to sell your home for a higher price. And to do this, you need to up your home value.

It’s the ultimate goal of every home owner. We all want to increase our property’s value easily and without spending a fortune.

Some homes will need more work than others, but here are some general starting tips to help spruce up any home.

Declutter your home and garden

Simplicity creates a sense of peace, where clutter provokes feeling of stress and negativity. Do whatever you need to do to get rid of clutter, both inside and outside of your home. The solution will most probably be sell it, give it to charity or throw it away. If something is sitting in the corner unused, odds are you don’t and won’t need it.

Think of decluttering as adding a touch of ‘zen’ to your home.

Get painting

A fresh coat of paint can transform your house beyond your wildest expectations. Do some research and choose your colour scheme carefully. Drive around the neighbourhood and compare your home to others, would you prefer to fit in or stand out?
The same goes for inside. What kind of feel do you want? What colours will suit your house and its design, location, etc?

If you can’t afford to paint your whole house, focus on the front door and trim. By simply refreshing the paint job on certain focal points, it may appear to buyers that you have done more work on the house than you actually have. A little bit of colour can go a long way.

Landscape your garden

No matter how neat your home may be, if the garden is messy, unkempt or ugly, this will detract from the property’s appeal. If you want to sell and your garden needs attention, make sure you invest in tidying it up before opening your home for inspection. Even if you only choose to invest a bare minimum into your garden, a simple tidy up can increase your home’s value by thousands. It may even make or break a sale.

Replace old light fixtures

Replacing old and out of date light fixtures can change the look and feel of an older home, and need not cost you an arm or a leg. By sticking to the same type of light fitting in each room you can create a sense of order and simplicity.

Clean inside and out

You can take years off the look of your house simply by giving it a good clean. Leave no surface untouched and make it sparkle. Clean the walls, inside and out. You will be surprised what a difference this makes to a home, especially if you can’t afford a new paint job.

If you’re not sure where to start or what part of your house needs to be invested in as a priority, check in with a real estate agent or get your house valued. The agent will be able to point out the areas that need the most attention and will in turn increase your property’s value.

Replace ugly flooring or carpets

Any interior design company will tell you – floors and carpets are one of the first places to show signs of wear and tear, old age or just plain bad taste. If you have rotting floor boards, out of date linoleum or old and dirty carpet, you should make replacing it as a financial priority. It will give you home a whole new feel which will in turn increase its value.

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