Six Useful Conservatory Design Tips For Any Home

by Editor on May 23, 2013


Investing in a conservatory is one of the best ways to boost the value of your home and your quality of life. It can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from dining to studying, and is ideal for special occasions like parties and other social gatherings. Here, we look at six important design tips to consider when renovating your new conservatory.

Plan your interior dimensions carefully

Understandably, the larger the size of your conservatory, the greater the cost, although a larger conservatory may cost less per square metre, depending on the dimensions and the style you are looking for. If it does not cover more than half of the land area around your original home, it does not require planning permission, although a single-storey rear conservatory may not be more than three metres beyond the rear wall of your original house if it is a semi-detached building.

Measure any furniture you intend to place in your conservatory to make sure it is the right size and create a consistent colour scheme that will provide a truly harmonious design. For example, classic dark blue, white and yellow furniture colours are popular choices for conservatories because they represent the classical Mediterranean style, while natural green colours for your furniture can help your conservatory blend in with your garden.

Choose a simple, minimalist look

For simplicity and optimum space, choosing a minimalist, logical conservatory design with bright, contemporary furniture will help you to fully utilise natural light. This is a suitable choice for Georgian style buildings, which are also known for their more simplistic, symmetrical appearances.

Avoid losing too much garden space

While a conservatory can create a beautiful new living area for your home, consider the amount of garden space and outdoor furniture space that you will have left after your conservatory is built. If you lose a significant proportion of your original garden, this could impact negatively on the value of your home, which will be a problem if you decide to sell you property in future years.

Make sure your conservatory becomes a focal point for your home

The shape and furniture style of your conservatory will have a big impact on the overall appearance of your home. An elegant, well-conceived design will beautify your home and improve its aesthetic appearance, while an inconsistent design that doesn’t match your exterior and interior may stick out like a sore thumb.

‘Unite’ your new living area with your garden

Consider using as much glass as you can to effectively ‘combine’ your new conservatory space with your garden. This will also help you to capture more sunlight, which will make your conservatory much warmer on those cool sunny mornings.

Create shade for the summer months

Although British summers are not known for their excessive heatwaves and long sunny days, conservatory windows often heat up very quickly in the summer sun, even when the outdoor temperature is relatively cool. Therefore, it may be wise to consider purchasing blinds to keep your new living space cooler during the warmer months. In the winter, your blinds will also help to insulate your conservatory and reduce your annual heating costs.

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