Simple Ways To Find More Time To Organize At Home

by Editor on April 25, 2013

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Boredom can take a toll on everyone’s life. Hence, a lot of us go the extra mile to find a new interest or hobby to while away the time.  It’s probably just human nature to always want something we don’t have, but one thing is certain, at least for me. If I have free time, I don’t want to use it to clean up and do chores around the house. I can almost find something I would prefer more than that! But the house doesn’t clean itself and so whether I am busy or not, I have to force myself to make time to keep things clean, organized and tidy.

Of course, if you live with someone else, and especially if you have children, it might seem like a constant uphill battle to keep your home in good order. Sometimes it seems like as soon as you finish cleaning up from breakfast, someone else is in the kitchen making themselves lunch – and leaving everything out on the counter when they finish!

Luckily, keeping your home clean and organized does not have to be something that you dread doing. In fact, there are a lot of simple ways to find more time to organize at home. Just doing a few minutes here and there can have a huge impact on the organization of your home! Below are some of my favorite ways to find the time to keep my home organized.

TIP #1 – Use your T.V. time wisely.

Every once in awhile – or maybe all the time – do you find yourself asking, “What am I doing watching this movie I have seen already four times?” Instead of feeling guilty about the wasted time, use the opportunity to do something productive. Because you’ve already seen the movie, you don’t need to give it 100% of your attention. While it’s on, organize the coffee table or the bookshelf.

TIP #2 – Make a game out of it with your kids.

Do you find your kids groaning every time you ask them to clean up their toys? Maybe you are approaching it wrong. Try making a game out of cleaning up, and get in on the fun every once in awhile so that you’re leading by example. Use a timer or make it a race between kids. If you make it interesting enough, they’ll stop being so grouchy about picking up after themselves and you’ll stop being so annoyed by the mess left behind.

TIP #3 – Schedule ten minutes of cleaning four times a week.

Whether the ten minutes is in the morning, the evening, or while you’re waiting for water to boil, taking ten minutes to clean something can be surprisingly effective. You will love how much you can get cleaned in only ten minutes. You won’t use these ten minute intervals to scrub the entire kitchen floor, but you might use it to spot clean it!

TIP #4 – Ask your family for help.

It’s only fair that every person in your household do their part, and so when you are doing your ten minutes of cleaning, invite your partner to help you. One way to find time to do more organizing and cleaning is to simply ask your kids to help, too. Children should do some chores to feel like they are contributing and also simply to help their parents. If you don’t live alone, it shouldn’t be only you doing the cleaning.

TIP #5 – Put a night in to good use.

Every once in awhile, even the most energetic socialite’s need to sit back and take a breather. You probably stay in sometimes on Friday and Saturday nights, so why not take the time to be productive? You will be happy when you are finished and your waistline will probably appreciate the fact that you did not spend the night on the couch eating chocolate ice cream.

TIP #6 – Put things away when you use them.

One of the reasons our homes get so disorganized in the first place is because we are so bad about simply putting our belongings away once we are done using them. If you have ever had a chair in your bedroom covered in clothing, you know what I mean. So from now on, instead of throwing all your rejected outfits on the floor or the furniture, take a second to put them back on their hangers once you know you won’t be wearing them.

TIP #7 – Clean while you chat.

Talking on the phone is the perfect time for doing something like cleaning and organizing – it involves your hands and not too much brainpower. So you can use the phone call as entertainment while your hands do all the hard work! This is especially good for doing the dishes.

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