Simple ways to easily improve your bedroom

by Editor on October 1, 2013


With Christmas fast approaching, the little spare money we have from our wages will no doubt go towards trees, gifts and festivities, leaving your home improvements bottom of the list. However, you can update your bedroom on a budget – here’s how you do it…

New mattress

If you’ve been feeling those pesky springs poking you in the back for a while now, it is definitely time to invest in a new mattress. Despite the average lifespan of a mattress being just 7 year, many of us are guilty of using it for much longer than this. This can often lead to aches, pains and an uncomfortable night’s sleep.

With many furniture stores offering mid-season sales, now is the perfect time to invest in that new mattress you’ve been dreaming over. Zleeps has a great range of high quality mattresses in its sale and are the perfect place for picking up a bargain.

Paint furniture

If you’ve just moved into a new house, chances are you are building up an impressive collection of hand-me-down furniture. While the gesture is lovely, this can leave you with a number of odd, mismatching pieces that can leave your room looking disjointed. Or, perhaps your age-old furniture is starting to look a bit tatty – either way it’s time for an update!

One way to easily update and unify your furniture is with a good old fashioned lick of paint. Go for a colour that fits in with your colour scheme, but make sure you thoroughly sand down any furniture before you start to ensure a professional looking finish.

Replace wall art

Providing a focal point to the room, wall art has the ability to update and transform your room easily. You don’t have to go for original Picasso’s or Van Gogh’s either, as there is plenty of budget wall art out there.

If you are quite the artist, or have children, why not include some homemade artwork in your bedroom? The personal touch will give the room a really homely feel and you could even reuse your existing frames to save even more money.

Lighten up

While it may be tempting to transform your bedroom into a dark cave that is perfect for hibernation this winter, making the most of the light in your room will make it feel much fresher and airier, helping you get up on a cold, dark morning.

Heavy drapes will block out the natural light into the room, so replace these in favour of a lighter coloured curtain. If you are concerned about the early morning sun disturbing your beauty sleep, go for a matching roller blind as well.

Even just replacing simple things like lampshades can drastically improve your bedroom’s brightness. Go for light colours for soft furnishings also, to instantly lift the room.

photo by: LeeBrimelow

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