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by Editor on June 10, 2013

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I am a firm believer in loving your bedroom. Our bedrooms are our safe havens. Our bedrooms should be uncluttered and feel cozy and special because they are, after all, where we sleep and spend almost one-third of our lives. Sleep is extremely important to recharge your mental and physical battery to take on each day at your utmost potential. If you love your bedroom, you will rest more soundly at night and thus, have more energy during the day. Below, I have put together a list of my favorite tips to better your bedroom.

1. Put up a picture. Hanging up a picture, poster, or tapestry can completely liven up a blank room. Often times, bedrooms offer too much empty wall space. Contribute to your bedroom’s personality by making it unique.

2. Patterns. Along with hanging a painting or piece of art, employing interesting, trendy patterns can greatly increase your bedroom’s creativity. Matching pillowcases and bedspreads add to the originality of the room. I prefer patterns that are less busy and enhance the tranquility of the room. Trees and flowers are excellent pattern choices.

3. Be creative with your wall space. If possible, hang fixtures from your bedroom walls or the top of your bed frame. Small, adjustable lamps are great for easy-to-reach, accessible light. Not only is this approach functional, it adds to the uniqueness of your bedroom.

4. Be consistent with your bedroom. It is important to use consistency when decorating. If you use a certain color for the walls, be sure to match the bed spread or other accessories to create cohesiveness throughout your bedroom design.

5. Comfort counts. Be sure to add comfort to your bedroom when possible. For example, buy a down comforter to drape over your bed. Also, add fluffy pillows for extra coziness.

6. Keep spacing in mind. No one wants to inhabit a cluttered, messy room. It is important to keep the size of your room in mind to most appropriately arrange the furniture inside it. If your bed occupies half of your room, you probably don’t want to get a large desk. With a very large bed, choose a very small nightstand and lamp.

7. Have fun with the floor. We forget that we notice the ground as much, if not more, than the walls and ceilings. A rug can entirely transform a space. If you are looking to brighten up your bedroom, find a sunshine yellow rug. If you are looking for a medium-sized rug to go beside your bed, a four-by-six foot piece is best.

8. Add a little furniture. If you have the space, a small, unique chair is a great addition for your bedroom. This introduces color and attitude, making your room that much more unique.

9. Have photos of the ones you love. Keeping photos of your family and loved ones allows you to always remember the special people and memories in your life. You can even create a collage of friends and experiences to frame and hang.

I hope you found these tips helpful. I wish you the best of luck in your room transformation.

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