Shower Door Or Not To Shower Door? Which Enclosure Is Right For You

by Editor on May 29, 2013

Shower Doors

When looking at a new shower enclosure you might want to consider the various options available before picking the one for you.

In this blog I discuss some of the most important factors to consider when looking at the right shower for your bathroom.

Making The Most Of Bathroom Space

If you are operating in a small bathroom the difference of a shower with an outward opening door or not can be pretty significant.

An enclosure with a door which opens outwards will need a clear space in which to open properly. This is where showers without a door obviously hold an advantage over those with a door.

However, not all showers with doors feature a door that needs to open outwards. Sliding door shower enclosures are one such example.

Sliding shower door enclosures, as you can imagine from their name, use a door which slides across the enclosure as opposed to inwards or outwards, thus cutting down on space use.

A similar type of shower to sliding shower door enclosures is the bi-fold enclosure. Instead of a slide feature, this unit instead folds the door in the middle of the door itself, before then folding inwards, again cutting down on space use.

For space then it is hard to pick a winner as such with some shower units utilising space saving methods to ensure the door does not get in the way. These options are preferable for bathrooms with little space, trumping other enclosures using conventional doors and also wet rooms.


In terms of style, I have to say if you want to go for a more eye-catching number, it is hard to beat a walk in enclosure or wet room.

While sliding shower door enclosures and their ilk may be practical, there is just something more spa or hotel like about a wet room when done correctly. If you do have the space then, on this particular front I have to give the nod to shower enclosures without doors.

Making A Splash

Shower doors are certainly a great way to cut down on the splashing and excess water that gets about when taking a wash and that certainly gives them an advantage over open enclosures. A good quality shower unit will have been checked to ensure it is waterproof, meaning you can take a shower in peace, knowing there is no chance of puddles occurring.

Of course open enclosures may well utilise a shower screen which is usually sufficient, but its open nature means there is more of a possibility of water splashing out onto the floor – many shower trays will effectively counter this though.

Other Alternatives

Of course you may opt for something entirely different and go for a shower bath combination to tick the practical as well as relaxation boxes. A shower bath will maybe require a screen depending on the style, but in the case of something such as freestanding bath, you will instead need to consider privacy and spillages in other ways, whether that means fitting a curtain rail to go round the bath or just chucking down a bathroom mat to soak up any water spillage.

When it comes down to it then, the most important factors when looking at shower units are space and style, both of which rely just as much on the size of your bathroom as your own preference and while shower doors may occasionally be intrusive of space, there are many shower enclosures out there that utilise space saving methods to ensure that is not too much of an issue.

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Louisa Jenkins is a home improvement expert. She blogs on a number of different topics ranging from sliding shower door enclosures to picking the right kind of bathroom tile for your new suite.

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