Should You Add Canned Lighting To Your Kitchen

by Editor on June 5, 2013

[4] The art of enlightenment, the art of light, do not overlook it, you might need it! Elevate yourself! Enjoy brighter moments!:)

The lighting in any room can make a dramatic difference. A modern choice to lighting a kitchen is to install canned lighting. Canned lighting can provide a kitchen with an intimate appeal or a bright illumination. Adding a dim switch to canned lighting is the ideal way to have control over the brightness in your kitchen. Here are some of the benefits you will see from canned lighting.

Decorative Appeal

Canned lights can produce for some stunning effects and radically change the appearance of your kitchen. Light is one of the most important elements when it comes to visual arts, and if you want to produce an artistic feel in your kitchen, canned lights are perfect.

Customized Appeal

The great thing about canned lights is that you can arrange them in a way that highlights art on the wall and other things. Not only will the light change the visual appeal of the room, the actual ring that houses the lights can come in different colors and styles. Metal, mirror, and painted are the most popular options for canned lights. They also come with different shapes and sizes, making them an ideal solution for small cabinets that need additional lighting.

Energy Efficient

LED canned lights can save up as much as 85% of electricity compared to other solutions and still provide the necessary level of brightness in your kitchen. Modern lighting solutions are all designed to consume less energy while still giving out the same level of intensity for lighting needs.

Special Features
Recessed lights often provide diming effects that you can easily adjust. Apart from the obvious energy saving benefit of an option like this one, the dramatic effect you can achieve by playing with the level of brightness is perfect for brighter or darker days. If you want to have a romantic meal, a dimmer switch is a great option.


Unlike other lighting options, canned lights are not as heavy. They are much easier to install since they do not need as many supporting beams as heavier lights (like lighting ceiling fans).

Once you make the decision to add canned lighting to your kitchen, it is wise to invest in a contractor. Any time you are dealing with lighting, it is best to hire a professional that has the right experience and tools to complete the project. Failure to use the right tools can cause serious problems like a fire. If you are planning to do electrical work, test your tools ahead of time. If they are not working correctly, fix the tools immediately to prevent injuries. Some of the supplies needed to install canned lights include the following:

  • Connectors
  • Fittings
  • Junction Box
  • Fasteners
  • Light Box
  • Lights

Installing a single recessed light through a professional can cost you about $179 – $300. A professional will need about 2 hours to make the cuts in the ceiling and properly install the wires. Speak with at least two or three different contractors and electricians to find out how much they will charge to install the canned lights.

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