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by Editor on June 10, 2013

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People rarely take the time to look above their heads when returning to their home, that is, unless rain or other debris is suddenly falling on top of them. When it comes to home repair and maintenance, however, people should take things from the top down. Roof repair can be extremely expensive when it is neglected for too long a period of time, and it can seriously devalue a home rather quickly. With these things in mind, consider some of the top signs that it is time to repair your roof.

Start on the Inside

The roof deck is essentially the skeleton of your roof. The deck is the lumber and hardware that keeps your roof in place over your head. Over time, the deck can begin to sag in certain areas due to any number of reasons, including rotting wood, termites, or other forms of damage that occur naturally over time. From the insider of the home, you should also keep an eye out for signs of leaks and water damage. Catching these early and repairing them quickly is essential. Leaks can quickly become worse, causing more damage to the structure. The common signs of leakage include water stain on the stucco or ceiling tiles.

Make the Climb

The above warning signs are all ones that are noticeable from the inside of the home. In addition to being vigilant in these areas, it is wise to do an annual visual inspection on the exterior of the roof as well. When doing a visual inspection on the outside of the roof, look for damage in the form of degraded or peeling flashing, missing shingles, and algae growth. The most common form of damage to find on the exterior of the roof is bald or missing shingles, however. This occurrence may seem like a minor problem, but the first step in roof repair is to take care of minor problems before they become large ones.

Water is the Enemy

Moisture build-up, mold, and rot are the other major causes for concern when doing a visual inspection. These things cause a weakness in the roof barrier that will allow water to leak through and begin to degrade the structure as a whole. In fact, problems related to water accumulating under a damaged shingle can begin to develop within a 24 to 48 hour period of the water making its way inside. Although no one enjoys clearing drain pipes and gutters, this task is integral in maintaining the health of your roof over time. If water is accumulating at the edges of the roof, then it is still in a position where it can do some serious damage to the structure of the roof from the inside out.

Detailed Work

The last thing to inspect during your walk through of the home are the vents that lead to the exterior environment through the roof. The majority of people will only keep an eye on those vents that lead into an attic space. However, it is also wise to check vents that commonly lead into the kitchen and bathrooms in the home. It is very common for leaks to develop in these areas where they can begin to stain the walls on the interior of the home.

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