Shampooing or Steam Cleaning: Which Is Better for Your Carpet?

by Editor on October 17, 2013

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In order to extend the lifetime of your carpet, it is important to keep it well maintained by cleaning it regularly. Not only will it protect your investment in installing quality carpeting, but it will also leave your home looking and smelling clean and tidy. When cleaning carpets, many homeowners are torn between shampooing or steam cleaning carpets. Here is some information to help you determine which carpet cleaning option is best for your carpet.

Many homeowners choose to shampoo their carpets. This is done with a shampooing machine that has a shampoo tank and nylon bristles. The bristles spin, brushing the carpet in a circular motion while releasing the cleaning solution to create foam. Before and after shampooing, a carpet must be vacuumed to it is prepped and cleaned up properly These shampooing machines work well on carpets that are extremely dirty and they are also ideal is small rooms and on area rugs. The machine works by picking up any dirt in the carpet fibers that have lingered. There are some disadvantages to shampoo as well, however, since the bristles can sometimes damage carpet quality due to the rough circular scrubbing. Also, the soap can linger, leaving a residue that may attract more dirt, causing more harm than good.

Steam Cleaning
Another popular option is to steam clean your carpets. This method can provide a deep clean since it both cleanses and rinses the carpet, however the system is much more complicated than a shampoo machine. The steam system works with a strong vacuum and pump attached to some electrical source. Hot water and a cleaning solution are emitted and then the water is sucked up from the carpeting, taking dirt and debris with it. This type of cleaning is ideal for wall-to-wall carpeting since it is easy to use and can get into hard to reach spots in your home. On the down side, sometimes the vacuum does not suck up all of the cleaner, leaving a residue behind that may allow your carpet for soil faster. In addition, this is often not a simple job for a homeowner to do on his or her own. Often a hired professional is needed to do the job properly and efficiently.

While both cleaning options are effective methods for cleaning your carpets, choosing the method for your home really depends on your carpet cleaning needs and your home situation. For a small space, inexpensive carpeting, or an area rug, shampooing may be your best option. However, if you have a large space with wall-to-wall carpeting that was expensive to install, steam cleaning will be the way to go for the best results. Shampooing does pose a risk of damaging your carpet so if you are concerned about the lifetime and quality of your carpet, often simply steaming carpeting is the safest, most gentle way to go. Either way, carpet cleaning and maintenance is necessary in your home to keep your living space clean, fresh, and beautiful.

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