Seven Steps For Moving To Your New Apartment Without Hassle

by Editor on July 9, 2013


The process of moving from one house to another is stressful, but with proper planning one can manage it hassle free. When moving to a new location and environment, you have to undergo a number of steps to establish yourself and your family there. Having a checklist of the things to do will help you in the process of moving from your old home and to your new one. Here are seven steps to moving to your new home without hassle.

Take Everything Close to the Door

Considering that everything has to pass through on the way out, it is a good idea to move everything close to the front door. You can do this a few days before moving so that on the actual day, most of the things will be ready to go. This will save you a lot of time and energy. Put the things that you do not use frequently in boxes and arrange them neatly in a strategic place where they can be accessed easily. Because you will just be moving them gradually with no pressure, it will not be as draining as if you had to bring everything from upstairs on moving day.

Clear the Clutter

When you are moving, it is an appropriate time to clear the clutter. Anything that you have not used in your home in the last two years or so should be given away or thrown out. Remember, the more things you have the more the expensive it will be since you will be required to hire a bigger truck. It is therefore recommended that you only keep things that you use. Avoid the extra trip or paying the extra cash by disposing of the baggage you no longer need.

Get a Good Truck

When you are moving, it is good to pay some extra cash to get a good truck that has a tail lift. This will greatly cut down on the workload and the stress that comes with loading heavy things like furniture onto the truck. Take time and browse though to analyze what various companies are offering in terms of cost and service. To avoid stress on moving day, it is good to get a truck from a firm that will allow you to get the car early so that you can load at your own pace without having to rush.

Pack Things in Manageable Boxes

Another way to avoid stress when moving to your new home is packing things in small and manageable boxes. Pack all the small items neatly in boxes. Reinforced confectionery boxes are also good for packaging small valuable items. Solid and strong boxes with handles can significantlyreduce the hassle of moving things from one location to another. Because they are strong, you are assured that things will not fall out as you load or unload from the truck.

Wrap Things Carefully

When moving you, should make sure that you have wrapped fragile items carefully. The most appropriate packing materials for delicate and fragile things are bubble wrap and newsprint. Apart from wrapping fragile things, you should also wrap mattresses to protect them from rain and dirt. You can buy dust sheets for covering the mattresses from the hardware store in your area. Even if you spend a few extra dollars, it will be worth it to save yourself years of sleeping on dirt.

Mark the Boxes Appropriately

To make it easy to arrange things in the new house, mark the boxes appropriately. You should mark where the boxes should go in the new house as well as where they came from in the old home. When you are marking, labels should be put on all the sides of the box for easy identification.

Put Together All the Essential Stuff

To make your moving stress free and seamless, put all the essential stuff together. Have a box dedicated for essential items such as screwdrivers, wall plugs, hammers, drills, nails and some light bulbs. This will ensure that you will have access to all the tools you need to fix the bed and other things in your new home when you need to.

If you follow the above steps, you will make your moving hassle free, and your possessions will be intact. Have a happy and hassle-free move.

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