Self Storage Units-Solutions For Your Personal Belongings

by Editor on April 30, 2013

Ikea Antonius Storage Unit

In order to keep any space look neat and organized, there has to be enough storage units. However, there are times when you jut can’t find a place to keep all of your belongings, especially when they take up a lot of space in your house.

What type of items are you looking to store?

There are many types of storage units out there, depending on the needs of the person and the types of belongings they are looking to store.  You may be looking to store a classic automobile,  an RV, a boat, or maybe you need to store your household belongings temporarily.  The type of unit depends on what your needs are.

How does an individual choose the right facility?

In choosing the right facility for you, be sure to look for key things about the facility, for example,

-Is it easy access for you to get to in case you may need to get something out of storage quickly.

-Is there fencing around the facility?

-Does the facility have wide aisles for large trucks to enter to get items in/out of unit?

-Is there ample lighting?

-Is there security, either video surveillance, or an onsite security guard?

-What are the access hours?

Many people will need to have access to their belongings at any given time.

What size storage unit will you need?

In choosing the correct size of unit, you will also need to look at the type of item or items you are storing.  If you are storing a recreational vehicle, be sure there is plenty of room for access in/out of the unit.

If you are storing personal items, such as household belongings, you will more than likely  want a unit that has concrete floors and possibly even be temperature controlled in case of items such as wood, that may get warped if the temperature of the unit is not correct.

Many units range anywhere from 5×5 unit to a 10×30 unit.

Maybe you are moving and need to store all of your household contents temporarily.  Here is a typical guide on how to choose the size of unit you will need for a household:

5×5 unit will hold contents of one small room or a good sized closet.

5×15 unit will hold contents of approximately 2 household rooms

10×10 unit will hold contents of approximately 3 rooms

10×15 unit will hold contents of approximately 4 household rooms

10×20 unit will hold contents of approximately 5 rooms

10×25 unit will hold contents of approximately 6 rooms

When looking for storage for household contents, you may also want to find out the square footage of the existing house these items were in, this could help you in determining the size of unit you will need.

In storing household items, you will also want to consider the packing of these items.  Many storage units will provide you with packaging materials such as boxes, tape, etc., usually at an additional charge,   but you want to be sure the boxes you are using are intact to prevent the bottom or sides from breaking and your contents spilling out, and be sure they are sealed up tight to prevent any weather damage,   and also  to  prevent any rodents from  getting into your items and damaging them.

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Karen is a retired teacher from the midwest who now writes about rv storage in her free time.

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