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by Editor on May 20, 2013


With summer approaching and the warmer spring weather certainly here to stay, most gardeners will already have begun to get their gardens ready for summertime. Although British weather is a bit more temperamental than other areas and we will probably experience more rain than is strictly fair, keeping your lawn looking healthy and green during the summer is still a challenge. Dry weather can turn a luscious lawn into a discoloured and uninviting patch of grass. In addition, the summer months tend to bring an increased number of pests and weeds that threaten to infect your lawn with diseases, which can have a significant impact on the look of your lawn. As we spend a lot more time out of doors and in our gardens during the summer, it’s a good idea to ensure that you do everything possible to keep your grass looking and feeling great. But what exactly can you do to make sure it is healthy?

Try not to overwater:

If Britain is experiencing an unusually dry summer or even if it is just warmer than usual, it can be tempting to water your lawn frequently. However, whilst it is important to keep your grass well watered, it is possible to overdo it and a regularly soaked lawn will encourage shallow roots as well as waste water. Instead, keep an eye on the state of your lawn to see whether it needs to be watered. Signs that it needs some extra attention include if the ground resists when you insert a screwdriver into it, there is a blue tinge to the blades and if the grass remains compressed when you stand on it. Furthermore, it is a good idea to avoid watering your lawn at night, as it needs time to dry out before the morning dew.

Don’t overdo the fertilizer:

Fertiliser is another area that many gardeners overdo and it can have a big impact on the overall look of your lawn. Fertiliser will cause your grass to grow more quickly, however putting too much onto your lawn will over stimulate it and is likely to increase thatch levels. Over-fertilising can also be detrimental to the environment as run-off can get into lakes and drains, causing damage to wildlife. For optimum fertilising, make sure that you have the right product for your soil and grass type.

Don’t mow too much:

Grass tends to grow much more quickly during the summer months so it is important to mow it frequently to prevent diseases and promote health. However, you should be wary of mowing your lawn too short as this can mean that your grass’ roots do not grow deeply and will also cause it to grow much more quickly. Mowing high will ensure your lawn remains thick and healthy and how high you need to mow it will depend on your lawn type. However, installing some grass mats will ensure that you never mow too short as they will limit where your lawn mower blades can reach.

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