Saving Yourself an Arm and a Leg When Landscaping Your Backyard

by Editor on January 9, 2014

Saving Yourself an Arm and a Leg When Landscaping Your BackyardThanks to DIY and HGTV, we feel empowered to be a weekend warrior and transform our boring backyards into a personal oasis.

But HGTV does not tell you the expense it takes to do it yourself. Sure, they focus on budgets, but these are television personalities who also happen to be talented at design and carpentry. I think it’s pretty safe to say they probably get discounts just by being affiliated with HGTV.

And, since it’s about as likely as winning the lottery that “Yard Crashers” will show up at your Home Depot while you are shopping for landscaping items, we are going to tell you the secrets behind creating a bank account friendly backyard paradise.


The patio will probably be your most used area in the backyard. The patio is the place you barbecue, entertain, eat summer meals, and take shelter under when it’s raining and you are waiting for the dog.

Most homes have patios and patio covers. Great, right? Sure. But imagine something greater—a deck on top of the patio with a gorgeous outdoor spiral staircase. Can you picture it? It’s pretty, isn’t it? Not only is adding a deck an excellent use of space, but it adds a pleasing aesthetic to see a whimsical deck with a Hampton-esque style staircase.


Adding extra lighting to your backyard creates an intimate ambiance reminiscent of a resort. Twinkle lights are inexpensive, easy to find, and even easier to install. String them up around the patio and in your trees. You’ll feel like you’re in an Italian villa.

Bon Fire:

Putting a fire pit in your backyard is great for warmth from the cold, cookouts with the kids, and s’more nights. In ground pits take more work, but they do last because they are created with gravel, mortar, and stone.

An above ground fire pit can range from $60-$400, but they are as easy as pulling out of the box and viola, you are done.

As far as cost, it depends what you want. An in ground fire pit will cost more than a $60 above ground, but if you are looking at a pit that is closer to the $400 dollar price, building your own pit could be a better deal.


New lawn, trees, bushes, and flowers add interest to your yard. Certain plant types are known to be calming because of their tranquil scents and pleasing aesthetics.

If you have the space, adding an herb garden or vegetable garden is a great idea for both its stress relief purposes, for many find gardening therapeutic, and the ease of having your vegetables at your finger tips for practically pennies.

What it really boils down to is creativity. Transforming your backyard into your paradise  can be easy and inexpensive if you are willing to track down bargain prices for elegant features. In a couple of weekends, you can have your dream backyard for half the price.

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