Saving Money When Moving House

by Editor on May 16, 2013

Packing in Progress

Hiring a removal service can be expensive so you need to look for as many ways to save money as possible along the way. Removal companies don’t come cheap and the more effective and efficient they are the more they cost to hire. There are many things that can increase the cost of moving home and all you need to do is to get the right information if you want to cut down on the price. These tips can help you save time which is the best way to save money.

Label Boxes

Unless you have superman eyes that can see through solid objects, your boxes can slow down things for your moving company when they get to the destination. To reduce their time of operation and cut down on the cost you should put labels on all boxes so they know where to take each one to, without opening up the box. Don’t just identify the box with the name of the item alone, try to indicate if the content is fragile or water intolerant and indicate which room it should go to.

Consider The Weight Of The Boxes

Loading too much into one box will slow down things for you since removal employees are usually advised to leave the heavy objects, so that two or three people can carry it. The huge amount of time spent waiting for other workers to be ready so heavy objects can be moved can add up so much that it will increase the fees. Put small and light objects in big boxes and heavy objects in small boxes to make them easy to lift, carry and move.

Pack Ahead Of Time

Most people get end up with sky high removal fees because they still have so many things to pack before the movers arrive. Of course the movers can help you pack, but that would defeat the purpose of trying to save money on your removal service. Pack all your stuff ahead of time to ensure that the movers will not be delayed in any way when they arrive. Last minute packaging can be stressful, time consuming and distracting.

Use Strong Boxes

Before you buy your packaging boxes, it is very important that you check their strength and capability. Most boxes people purchase online for their house moving are usually not strong enough to carry objects from one location to the other and may cause more trouble than they’re worth. Look for strong boxes even if you have to pay a little bit more. They will save you from problems and prevent any damage that might occur during transportation.

Clear The Way

Having objects and boxes lying around on the ground so that the removal employees have to clear the way or avoid objects as they move items can really slow things down. Either way you’ll be slowing them down and causing them to waste their time. So try to pack things properly, placing them on the side of the wall so that it will be easy to move them and move around. You should also try removing any objects on the floor that can cause accidents or slow down their work.

Trying to save money doesn’t mean that you should settle for less. Find the best removal company at a good price and ensure that you get some information about them before you hire them.

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Frank Watson hired a removal company called All Rubbish 2 Go who were extremely quick because he had helped them by following all of these packaging tips.

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