Saving Money On Overseas Moves

by Editor on June 7, 2013

Families begin move into new Army Family Housing - 11 March 2013, Camp Humphreys, South Korea

For international moving arrangements, air travel may be the most effective way to reach your chosen destination. This may also be true for at least some of your belongings; many air cargo companies offer expedited long-distance air shipping for clothing and personal goods. However, home furnishings, vehicles and other large and heavy items are usually not suitable for air delivery to your new home. These items must be shipped by ocean freight and typically take much longer to arrive. For some families, it may make more sense to sell these items before the move and to replace them once the relocation is complete.

Air cargo and overseas moves
One good rule of thumb for making a cost-effective move is to use faster methods only for essential items. For instance, clothing, necessary books, personal items and equipment will be needed immediately upon arrival in your new home; these items should be sent in air freight shipments to ensure that they get to your destination by the time they are needed. Certain items should not be packed at all; these necessities include the following categories of items:

• Prescription and non-prescription medications
• Items of personal identification
• Financial and legal documents
• Jewelry and currency

These items should be kept with you or in an overnight bag to ensure that they are not lost or misappropriated en route to your planned destination.

Shipping vs. replacing
If the expenses related to your planned relocation are being covered by your employer, you will have more flexibility in choosing which items to ship and which ones will be put into storage or sold through local channels. However, if you are bearing the cost of your own shipping and moving expenses, you may want to do some serious cost comparison work. Consider the going rate for your items both in your local community and in the area to which you plan to move. The cost of shipping should also be factored into the decision to ship or sell. Here is a typical example:

• Your sofa can be sold locally for $500.
• The cost of shipping it to your new home is $300.
• Therefore, if you can purchase a comparable item for less than $800 at your intended destination, you should sell your sofa and replace it when you reach your new home.

In many cases, it makes more sense to sell and replace than to ship the item to your new home. This is especially true for vehicles and other major household items that can cost a great deal to ship and are readily available throughout the world.

By considering the financial aspects of your long-distance move, you can reduce the costs of shipping and enjoy improved cash flow throughout your relocation project.

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