Room Design: Turning Your Windows Into A Focal Point

by Editor on June 5, 2013


You may use them every day, but if you’re like many other homeowners, you’ve never given much thought to how your windows can impact the overall look of a room’s decor. Unfortunately, plain windows or dated mini-blinds can detract from the rest of your lovely interior design. The good news is that it’s easy to find gorgeous plantation shutters and other stunning window treatments that can liven up your space without breaking your budget. Here are four ideas for transforming your bland windows into stunning pieces of art.

1. Window Boxes

Who says that window box planters have to stay outside? Many modern homeowners are realizing the value and beauty of bringing their flowers and plants¬†indoors. Mounted beneath kitchen, family room, or even bedroom windows, you’ll enjoy cleaner air and will have the pleasure of seeing your blooms each day. Don’t have a green thumb? No need to worry. Other individuals prefer to get creative with their indoor window boxes. Mounted beneath a bathroom window, for example, these boxes can add style and flair while storing toiletries and bath essentials.

2. Curtain Upgrades

When was the last time you replaced your window curtains and drapes? Old or dated window treatments can make your room feel incomplete. By taking the time to find attractive curtain rods, and selecting matching, luxurious curtains, you can quickly put a new spin on your space. By placing your curtain rods higher than your window, you can even give the impression that your room is actually taller and more spacious than it really is. If you enjoy natural lighting, but still feel that curtains would add visual interest to your room, you may consider sheer drapes that allow sunlight in, while absorbing some of the heat and adding a stylish look to your windows. For individuals who are looking for an attractive way to block rays of sunlight, rich and darker hues will do the trick, and may even help you to cut back on your home cooling costs.

3. Plantation Shutters

Say goodbye to unflattering, discolored, and crooked mini-blinds forever. Plantation shutters are a lovely addition to any home, and enable you to capture plenty of natural day in the night while still offering privacy. These types of shutters will compliment all styles of decor. Deep, rich browns add warmth and create a traditional family atmosphere, while brilliant white shutters can complete your home’s Cape Cod or modern decor style. You will be amazed at the transformation that your room will undergo by the simple addition of new interior shutters.

4. Window Valences

Windows that are located in rooms like your kitchen, or on doorways may bet best suited to valence curtains. You don’t want to block out all of the light from your space, but would still like to add a bit of personality to these windows. In cases like these, a valence curtain is the best solution. In bathrooms, you may consider utilizing only the bottom half of the valence set, to create a privacy screen on windows that are located directly above bathtubs. This will allow beautiful sunlight to enter your room while keeping peeping eyes out as you enjoy a luxurious soak in the tub.

Above all else, have fun and be true to yourself as your re-decorate your windows.

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