Roof Replacement Can Keep Your Business Afloat

by Editor on June 10, 2013


It’s hard enough to make it in today’s marketplace. Competition is stiff. Alternatives are ubiquitous. The Internet heightens access. Loyalty is a thing of the past.

There are countless obstacles you’re facing just to make it through a day’s work. You shouldn’t have to worry about the consequences of not getting a roof replacement.

You laugh, but if you haven’t recently had a roof replacement, this is a very real possibility. Spend a few minutes on Google, and try to argue that it isn’t.

Not only can this cost you countless dollars in repairs and replacement costs, but it can also be the grounds for multi-million-dollar lawsuits – not to mention the unthinkable to you or one of your loved ones.

Quite simply, there is no reason for you to skimp on such a pivotal business asset. That’s what it is: an asset, no different than the oven you use to cook pepperoni pizzas, the crane you use to lift steel beams. And it appreciates like an asset over time. With every passing year, wear and tear accumulates and value erodes.

At some point, it has to be replaced.

If not, there can be consequences.

Your Business Can Lose Money

It’s likely to cause a shudder, but force yourself to think about the potential ramifications of not having a roof replacement.

It could implode at any moment, destroying most anything in its path.

If the weather turns before you have a chance to replace it – a likelihood, no matter who you live – the damage is worsened and the repair complicated.

You leave yourself vulnerable to further vandalism and ransacking by pranksters and thieves.

You could even have a potentially violent scenario on your hands, if it happens to attract the likes of a vagabond or squatter that doesn’t want to leave when asked.

You could dream up countless scenarios of how you could lose money in the event of a structural breach if you haven’t had a roof replacement – and those are just immediate costs.

Lost Opportunity Costs

Clearly, if your roof goes, so too do a ton of sales.

In the event of a collapse, or even a smaller but still serious compromise, you’ll have to close your doors. Really. It will be mandated by your local government.

Imagine the stigma to follow an establishment that’s recently been condemned for having an unsafe structure.

Forget for a moment how this will cost you in terms of losses from the time you have to close the store while waiting on repairs – and whatever delays are sure to follow.

What about the losses from a damaged brand?

Fact is, that’s just as damning, if not worse, and represents countless dollars in totally legitimate opportunity costs washed right out the window.

Legal Action

Of course, without a roof replacement, in the event of the unthinkable, people will try to come after you.

Your insurance company will look for the slightest shred of evidence that suggests that you should have addressed the issue sooner. The insurance companies of any bystanders that suffer any injuries will do the same.

If you try to fudge any of the documentation, you go to jail. If you don’t, but are found to have been criminally negligent, you go to jail.

And those are just the supposedly “worst-case” scenarios. What about if your insurance company simply refuses to shell out the money to help you out? Even if you have the cash on hand for a roof replacement, what about the product?

Clearly, this isn’t a risk you should be willing to take.

Noland’s Roofing has been providing quality roofing repair and replacement in Florida for over 20 years.

photo by: HotlantaVoyeur

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