Roof Maintenance Tips

by Editor on May 28, 2013


Roofing Maintenance

The roof of your property is the first line of defence, protecting your home, possessions and family from whatever the weather throws at us.

Roof problems can very quickly escalate causing a lot of damage to your property and belongings if your roof isn’t properly maintained. Roofs are commonly made of either cement tiles or slate in the UK, although some properties may also have thatched or shingle tile coverings. It is important that you keep an eye on your roof for signs of wear and damage so you can make a repair before expensive damage is caused.

Your roof has a tough life, protecting you from everything Mother Nature can throw at it, rain, snow, hail, sleet, freezing cold as well as searing hot sunshine. The different  weather conditions that we have put your roof under a lot of stresses. Your roof has to move and flex according to the different conditions it faces, and this movement over time can often cause tiles, slates and ridges to become loosened from the cement holding them in place.

In addition, animals often cause damage to roof spaces, which again can cause tiles and ridges to move, slip or be dislodged completely. Quite often, the first thing you know about a loose ridge tile is when it lands in your garden or on the bonnet of your car in your drive as soon as the wind gets up.

Winter Weather

Wintertime and a good storm very often reveal damage that has occurred previously. All it takes is a strong gust of wind to get under loose slates or tiles and large sections of your roof can come crashing down to earth, causing even more damage than to just the roof itself.

Leaks can very often occur around chimney breasts where cement work or lead is used to create a seal between the roof and the brickwork. Over time, with expansion and contraction, this ‘flashing’ can degrade causing problems. Once moisture gets into cement, it only takes a frost or cold weather to break crack the cement, causing it to fail.

Gutters & Facia

Other roof related problems usually involve either guttering or facias. Wooden facias can soon rot if exposed for too long to the elements, and that rot can quickly spread to the roof trusses causing an expensive problem.

Because we generally don’t go near our roofs, we tend to take them for granted until they cause a problem. Quite often a little maintenance would have prevented a large repair bill or insurance claim. Your home is an investment and keeping it in good condition is just good economic sense. A stitch in time frequently saves nine, and the same goes for your roof.

An annual roof inspection will give you the piece of mind to get through the worst winter months, safe in the knowledge that your roof is safe and secure. A regular inspection of your roof can prevent unwanted disasters from occurring by making sure that your roof is all securely in place and water tight.

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