Reupholstering A Chesterfield Sofa

by Editor on April 25, 2013

1070's Chesterfield sofa

If you want your living room to exude elegance and comfort, you need to use the right elements. One of which is to have quality furniture pieces that are well worth your money.

Finding a comfortable sofa can often be a tiresome task. However, many households have agreed upon and purchased a comfortable Chesterfield sofa. Unfortunately all sofas will eventually become worn out, particularly with children and pets around. However, a shabby sofa can always be reupholstered, rather than beginning the hunt for a brand new sofa.

There are two ways of getting your Chesterfield sofa reupholstered; do-it-yourself or professionally.

Do It Yourself

With a little bit of time, patience and some sewing skills behind you, you would be able to reupholster your Chesterfield Sofa from home and may even discover a new skill in the process.

First, head to the library and pull-out some books on reupholstering. These books will point you in the right direction for materials and be an excellent starting point. Also, it may be worthwhile to research foam, padding and stitching, so you go into this task with some knowledge behind you. It is difficult to estimate the costs, as it depends upon the quality of the materials and the amount of materials you require. It is best to shop around fabric shops, as there prices often vary hugely.

Hire a Professional

If you do not have the time or the patience to reupholster your sofa – and let’s face it, reupholstering a sofa is a pretty hefty undertaking – then it may be best to hire a professional reupholstering service. There are quite a few reupholstering companies out there, and it will be worth you contacting a few of them to obtain a quote. If possible, you could take a picture of your sofa and email this to a company, to give them a better idea of the job and you will then receive the most accurate quote. Some companies will offer the option to choose the new fabric online, which is a bonus.

You must bear in mind that the cost of the reupholstering work itself will not be the only cost. There may be additional costs such as transporting the sofa to the reupholstering company. There will also be the material costs.

In any event, it is unlikely that the cost of getting your sofa professionally reupholstered will exceed the cost of a brand new sofa.

Reupholstering your Chesterfield sofa holds numerous benefits, but you can guarantee that you will receive a brand-new looking sofa at the end of it, and you will not be quite so out of pocket as buying a new sofa.

This is a guest post by Nat Slater, writing forĀ Plumbs Re-upholstery. Plumbs offer local reupholstery services across the UK, including upholstery in London.

photo by: lacasavictoria

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