Restoring Your Furniture

by Editor on May 14, 2013

Red leather sofa.

For several years or maybe even decades, you’ve had the same pieces of furniture. You were hoping that they would stand the test of time, but you simply cannot pretend that they are any longer. What are some methods you can use to restore your furniture and make it feel lively again?

Buying New Fabric
As long as the furniture is structurally sound, you should be able to purchase some designer fabrics or other types of fabrics to make it look new and alive again. Simply having more modern fabrics can make your furniture look a lot less dated. A major problem with old furniture is that is often does not look as though it belongs in this particular decade, and new fabrics will easily solve that issue.

Structural Problems
Now that we’ve explored some information about new fabrics, it’s important to touch on structural issues that may exist with furniture. Not only are these problematic, but they can also be dangerous. Imagine what would happen if a chair snapped when you were sitting on it! Unless you are well-versed in furniture repair methods, you should absolutely take your furniture to a repair man to ensure that it is safe.

Adding New Accents

It’s possible that your furniture isn’t in terrible shape at all aside from looking a little bit dowdy. Buying accents and decor can help with this situation. For example, getting new throw pillows for the couch can really help to liven up a dull sofa. You could look for beautiful candles to place on the mantel. If your window blinds are looking a little bit tired these days, get some curtains to spruce them up. You will be surprised at how little changes can really make a huge impact on the overall style of your home.

Worn and Battered
Furniture can certainly take a beating, and this statement is particularly true in homes with children and animals. Instead of letting your pieces head out to the curb, look into getting some new upholstery. Couches or chairs might be scratched or completely ripped due to dog paws, but you do not need to throw the entire piece out. You still have the base, and you can work on getting a new covering for it. Even if the piece is not dated, you can still make it look fresh and alive again by dealing with these repair types of issues.

Sanding and Painting
On the handyman side, you can also bring furniture pieces back to life by sanding and painting them. Tables and chairs can look brand new again if you get rid of all those scratches, and you may be able to do paint work on cabinets and the like.

All of these tips can really be utilized to create beautiful furniture in your home. The pieces are going to look great and stunning! When family members and friends come over, they are likely going to assume that you have purchased all new furniture for your lovely home.

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Jeanette Ennis understands what it’s like when her furniture gets old and worn out. When looking for the best designer fabrics Oakville has to offer, she relies on Switch Studio for all her upholstery needs. For more information, visit their website.

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