Renting A House Or Apartment? Make Sure You Ask These 5 Questions!

by Editor on June 13, 2013


When renting a house or an apartment, the smallest of things can make the difference between finding your dream home and having to live in a nightmare. This is why it is important to ask questions before signing the lease agreement. Of course, you have to make sure you ask the right sort of questions. Here are 5 questions that every would-be tenant must ask before finalizing a deal.

Are the utilities included?

Including utilities with the rent is one aspect that varies, depending upon the personal preferences of landlords. Just because your last place included utilities in the rent does not mean your new place will also offer the same convenience. When negotiating the rent, this is the first question that you should put to the landlord. If the utilities are not included, ask the landlord for estimates on how much the electricity, heating and water bill usually comes up to. Some places offer rent inclusive of utilities, including cable TV and internet.

What were the previous tenants like?

This is a critical question that most tenants never think of asking, but can reveal a lot about the place. If the landlord has to hesitate and think twice about answering the question, then chances are the previous tenants did not treat the house kindly and you can expect to find some kind of damage or problem in areas you least expected. On the other hand, knowing that the previous tenants took good care of the house definitely helps reduce some of the stress.

What major repairs have been carried out?

Ask the landlord about any major repairs that have been carried out since the previous tenant left. Most of the times, the repair work done is minor. However, it is always good to know about any repair work done in a house or apartment that you may call home. It is not unusual to have landlords carry out renovation work as soon as the previous tenants leave. But, it would be good to know about what kind of renovation work has been done.

Does it get a fresh coat of paint and a new carpet?

Take a good look at the paint on the walls and the carpeting. If you feel that paint has faded and that the carpet is ready, ask the landlord of he has plans to re-carpet the floor or repaint the walls. Most landlords choose not to do such things unless and until the new tenants ask them about it. If the landlord agrees to new carpeting and fresh coat of paint, make sure you are very clear that the work should be completed before the day you get possession.

Do I get a parking space?

Just because the apartment building has a number of parking spots does not mean that one of them is for you. Even if your apartment is assigned a parking spot, you may find that your landlord is using it to keep that one vehicle that he or she rarely uses. Always ask if you get a parking spot before finalizing the lease agreement.

Ask these 5 questions and you should be able to rent a place that is perfect for you.

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