Renew, Reuse, Recycle…Redocorate!

by Editor on June 1, 2013

Hybrid Recycle-mobile ;-)

We’ve all heard of “going green” for the environment. How could you not, the marketing campaign has been in full swing for several years. There are a myriad of choices, consumer-wise, to make a greener decision. Products like environmentally friendly laundry detergent, dish soap, toilet paper, diapers, the list goes on and on. Well why not make an even more positive “green” impact in your home? It’s easier than you might thing, and it starts with your very own home design.

No Need For New

Typically, when thinking of redecorating your home or implementing a new interior design, people tend to head to their nearest mega store or furniture boutique. Buying brand new not only puts a hole in your pocket book, but also in the environment. Not to mention the labor and transportation costs used to bring all those new products state side. And besides, if it’s mass produced, it’s likely someone else has hopped on the trend.

So why not embrace your creativity and use products that are ready available to make your own unique home design pieces? The process can range from simple to difficult, but here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Recycled Glass

A great new addition to your home design that is easy to create would be a mosaic. For instance, say you have an old mirror that’s looking a little old and tarnished. You can give that mirror a facelift with pieces of broken glass. Art stores and rebuilding stores have scraps for sale at an incredibly inexpensive rate. Typically you can purchase two pounds of glass pieces for about 5 dollars.

Next you’ll need a strong adhesive, the most common is traditionally cement-based (thinset) and can be purchased at any craft store. The rest is up to you, and finding inspiration for your recycling project. Step by step guides to mosaic installation are found on the Internet or at your local craft store.

A Furniture Face Lift

If you are looking to make a change on a more grander scale, why not tackle re-upholstering your current couch or favorite arm chair. Purchasing the new upholstery is the easy part, most towns have fabric and scrap stores and there’s always something for everyone. The hardest part is, of course, stripping the old and installing the new. Thankfully, with the “go green” craze, many, if not all community education schools offer upholstery classes at minimal cost. Even better is you get to work on your own furniture. Not only will you be learning a new skill, but when finished, you will have created your very own one of a kind piece.

For Sale or For Free

Depending on which city you live in, you may have noticed that people are kind enough to have free piles of home goods on the side of the road. Well someone else’s trash could be your treasure. If you are wanting a new lamp, a new vase or even just some cute trinkets for your home, a free pile could be your oasis. You’ve saved yourself money and landfills from extra garbage, a win-win!

However you to decide to reuse and recycle for home design purposes, know that it’s a great way to have a postive impact on the environment. Planet Earth thanks you!

About the Author

A freelance writer, Wendy Kellison, learned about going green with her home design from Tiffany Home Design, a home staging company in Portland, OR.

photo by: AGeekMom

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