Removal Companies VS Commercial Vehicle Hire

by Editor on June 12, 2013


As you contemplate a move, you have many big decisions to make. Not only must you find lodging in your new city, you have to get there in one piece. One of your bigger decisions will be whether to hire a removal company to pack and move your belongings, or to hire a commercial vehicle and make the move yourself. Here are some points to consider in making this decision.


Foremost in your mind is probably the expense of moving. Uprooting your family is hard enough. But, what about the expense of hiring a removal company? What do you get, besides convenience? While many people elect to perform their own moving, you may be surprised at the advantages of hiring it done.

First of all, remember that a qualified moving company will have bonding and insurance. This means that your belongings will be insured from packing to unpacking – or at least, should be. Bonding is a type of insurance that covers breakage onsite as the items are being packed or unpacked. Insurance covers them in transit. Should there be an accident that damages your belongings, they should be covered. Check with the removal company to be sure.

You also get the benefit of their expertise. Professional removal companies have all of the supplies they need to protect your valuables and collectibles. Of course, you pay for this expertise, but when you consider the benefit of having professionals protect your collectibles, it may be well worth the expense.


If you want a speedy move, you may have to do all of the packing and transporting yourself. This is especially true if you find yourself facing a sudden move. However, if you have some planning time available, the removal company can save you time, too. Their professional packers can pack your belongings, label them according to rooms, and have them transported to your new digs before you could even get started.

With a little planning time, and some flexibility on your part, the removal company will be able to plan around peak traffic and construction, delivering your belongings with relative ease and minimal delay. If you do it yourself, you may not be aware of traffic patterns. Who knew that the big football game was the very day you planned to move? 100,000 other people, that’s who, and you’re stuck in traffic, sitting with a commercial vehicle burning diesel by the gallon as you wait for an opening.

Ease Of Packing

It goes without saying that hiring a removal company is much easier than doing all of the work yourself. Who wants to heft all of those boxes over and over again as they are loaded and unloaded, packed and unpacked? The removal company also will show up knowing the necessary supplies, and prepared to finish the job.

You can compromise. Pack all of the small things and rent a truck for the move, and hire a removal company to handle the appliances and any furnishings that must be assembled. Otherwise, if you can afford it, let the pros do the job.

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