Remodeling Your Bathroom On A Budget

by Editor on May 16, 2013

Bathroom Metamorphosis

We have all had the desire to remodel the rooms in our home in hopes of achieving not only a new look, but also a new level of comfort. For some of us, this idea only stays an idea because remodeling can be expensive. Well, here is the good news for you. This guide will assist you in remodeling your bathroom when you are on a budget.

Now, keep in mind, remodeling on a budget can take some time, so you may have to remodel your bathroom in baby steps, but these steps will eventually lead to a beautiful bathroom you will love to be in.

A New Look To An Old Vanity

Before you go to crazy with smashing everything in your bathroom and preparing to replace it with something brand new, there are other cost effective options. Beginning with the vanity. You want to check the condition of your vanity by checking to see if the cabinets are in working order and the inside is still in good shape.

If your vanity is still in working order, you should consider remodeling your old vanity, instead of spending money on a brand new one. You can repaint or refinish your vanity to give it a fresh new look; you can even replace the mirror.

Before you think all your old bathroom stuff is junk, you may want to look into the change potential of each piece.

Bringing Tiles To Life

As long as your old tiles are not cracked and broken, you may want to consider giving your tiles an amped up look. Though it may take some time, using eucalyptus to clean your tile grout will make the tile shine. There are many products that are available for cleaning tiles and grout.

If you are unhappy with your tile colors, you may even consider painting the tiles.

Plumbing Fixtures

Though you might not know it, changing your plumbing fixtures can do a lot for your bathroom and the way it looks. Not to mention, bathroom fixtures are not expensive to replace. You can replace your sink faucets with a new silver model. By replacing the fixtures with new ones, it is brightening up your bathroom by making your sink, shower, and toilet look like new.

Replacing your shower head is cost effective and simple to do, not only can it give a new look to your bathroom, but it can also change your shower experience.

Accessories Can Do Wonders

When you want to give your bathroom a new look, accessories can do wonders to help your bathroom look great. Consider a color scheme for your bathroom, potentially mixing different colors. Accent your bathroom with new toilet seat covers, towels, and throw rugs for a major accent, you can even install new shelves and racks in your bathroom.

Then once you start focusing on the smaller accessories, you can start changing your bathroom with fun new ideas. If your bathroom has plenty of storage, amp up your makeup by storing them on a painted cookie sheet by installing magnets on your make up.

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Robert has been in bathroom design for the past 10 years. His publications educate about different ways to amp up your bathroom by replacing simple pieces like a shower head that can change your entire bathroom experience.

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