Relax And Escape – Bring The Exotic To Your Bathroom

by Editor on May 31, 2013

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Relax and Escape – Bring the Exotic to your Bathroom

Depending on your lifestyle, age and living arrangements the humble bathroom means something different to everyone. For some the bathroom is a retreat from family life – a sanctuary from children, stress and mess. For others it’s a private Asclepeion; a place to cleanse the mortal coil and remedy any aesthetic disharmonies. Whether it’s sanctuary, hygiene or a Hollywood changing room, your bathroom is unique to you, so make it feel unique.

The Cali’ Look

Conceptually accredited to the late Michael Taylor, the ‘California Style’ amalgamates the warmth and textures of natural materials (driftwood, pebbles) with cool tones; white and eggshell blue. In the bathroom (or kitchen) where hygiene is important off-white-on-white walls with chrome trim and soft pastel or bleached floorboards promotes a feeling of cleanliness without a cold, clinical aesthetic.  A double ended inset oval bath, supported by a bleached wood frame is an ideal but demanding installation. Instead draw attention from your bath (if undesirable) with under-sized rustic decanters, candles and other beach-esc apparel.

The Modern Feel

‘Function over form’ is a suitable by-line for this style of décor; straight lines, natural materials and neutral colours should dominate the pallet. Minimalist furnishings are a stock of the Modern style, ‘comfortable but simple’ should be kept in mind when faced with a furnishing decision. Unpainted woods and ‘clean’ textures such as leather are a big yes whereas ‘fluff’, fuzziness or an overabundance of frivolous cushions are a big no-no.

Modern bathrooms benefit from clean white and blue lines and large frameless mirrors. Freestanding baths with soft curves and no ornate legs or feet work well. Consider also a subtle waterfall tap to promote a relaxing atmosphere.

Contemporary Design

Often confused with the modern style of design, contemporary décor celebrates the freedom of a universally connected community. Vibrant colours and bold curves are celebrated features of contemporary design and should be embellished while straight lines and neutral colours can be employed to draw ones attention away from an undesirable aesthetic. Contemporary also marries cultural and traditional design together; often traditional Eastern with modern, functional, western aesthetic.

More than anywhere a contemporary bathroom design makes use of brushed steel, glass mosaics, white tiling and chrome trim. Heated towel rails offer a touch of luxury while also providing a platform to show off your modernist design.

The Eclectic Look

Often confused for ‘anything-will-go-anywhere’, eclectic design calls for a keen eye for patterns and a knowledge of the overall aesthetic one is looking to accomplish.

“Frasier:So what do you think of what I’ve done with the place? […] The lamp by Corbu, this chair by Eames, and this couch is an exact replica of the one Coco Chanel had in her Paris atelier.’

Martin: ‘Nothing matches.’

Frasier: ‘Well, it’s a style of decorating – it’s called eclectic. The theory behind it is, if you have really fine pieces of furniture, it doesn’t matter if they match – they will go together.’

Martin: ‘It’s your money.’”

Fans of Paramount Comedy’s Frasier may remember the first episode with fond nostalgia – whether you do or not, Frasier’s comprehensive ideal, his décor, marries neutral colour and texture despite comprising of furnishings and works of art from very differing eras and cultures.

Like Frasier you can have the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. Modern designs don’t need to be expensive. Rather than flock to retailers such as Ikea; look in your local charity shops for furnishings or invest your valuable time into crafting something unique.

However you decorate your bathroom remember the one cardinal rule: RELAX.

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Robert Clark, writing for, is of Roman descent and is genetically coded to be; handsome, know good food and understands the importance of bathing in style.

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