Regular Maintenance Reduces Costly Repairs

by Editor on May 3, 2013

Learn How to Do Simple Home Maintenance Tasks (241/365)

When a homeowner installs an air conditioning system, they are making a large investment in their home. If the system is well taken care of, the AC unit will last a very long time; however, neglecting the regular maintenance can lead to a shortened life span for the unit. Consumers can save thousands of dollars in the long run by having an AC service company provide regular maintenance.

Condenser Coils

Condenser coils are the part of the AC unit that keeps the cold air flowing but circulating the cool air through the system and into the home. Over time debris and other junk can accumulate on the coils, causing the coils not to function properly. When the coils are not working correctly they will freeze and shut down the entire cooling system. Failure to prevent this freezing will lead to severely damaged AC units and extremely costly repairs. An AC service company can come to the home, inspect the coil for damage and clean the coils properly. This service is relatively cheap and can ensure that AC units work to their full capacity.


Just like a car, AC units need lubrication. When the unit is lubricated, all of the moving parts work the way that they are suppose to, but when the lubrication gets used up, the efficiency of the unit drops dramatically. If there is no lubrication, the metal pieces grind against each other and this causes extensive damage to the system. This damage cannot be repaired, and the entire system will need to be replaced. Spending a little bit of money to have a qualified AC service technician check the lubrication of the unit will save the customer thousands of dollars over the cost of replacing the entire system.


Air conditioning units do not work without the proper refrigeration levels. Over time the refrigerant levels will drop and the unit will not be able to cool the home as effectively as it had before. AC service technicians can come to the home and inspect the refrigerant levels in order to make sure the system has what it needs to run properly. The technicians can also inspect the refrigerant lines to make sure that no chemicals are leaking out of the unit and in to the environment.

Spending the money on an AC service call is much more cost effective for consumers than spending thousands of dollars on a new unit. Just like an automobile, AC units have to be maintained in order to function at their most optimal level. Check with a local AC technician to schedule a maintenance inspection.

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