Refinishing Furniture In A Shabby Chic French Style

by Editor on May 16, 2013


Crown French furniture is an elegant type of French furniture that has exceptional quality. The style ranges from the Louis XV and XVI periods to Rococo and rattan. The lines are beautiful and the style takes you back to the time of Kings and Queens. Crown French furniture has the charm of the French country built in, and many French Country style enthusiasts prefer this type of furniture in a Shabby Chic finish. The Shabby Chic look is one that is casual and slightly worn. The colours are usually white to pastel with some bold touches mixed in.

Transform Your Furniture into the Shabby Chic Look

It is quite simple to transform your furniture into the shabby chic look. You can use your existing Crown French furniture or pick up some items that need to be refurbished. There are many French style pieces available in antique stores and online. The first step in the process is to find the type of furniture style you wish to transform. Shabby Chic French Style looks best on furniture with a wood base. This would include the Crown French furniture in your home. Ornate designs with beautiful scrolled edging, wooden imprints and carvings look amazing in the Shabby Chic French Style. You can also use furniture with removable cushions for this type of look. You will want to replace the cushions with overstuffed replacements to continue the Shabby Chic French Style.

The Process of Refinishing

Now that you have your furniture chosen, you should clean the surface of the furniture. A lint free damp cloth works best to remove oil and dirt from the surface. If there are any sharp or rough edges, you should sand them with sand paper and remove any old paint that might be adhering to the furniture. After you have cleaned, sanded and removed any paint, you should give the item a final wipe down then allow to air dry.

Shabby Chic French Style uses a palette that is white and pastel. Pale greens, light pinks, baby blues, pale yellows, creams and whites makeup the main colour palette. Choose your paint according to your preference in the Shabby Chic palette. Milk paint is a favourite of Shabby Chic enthusiasts because it is easy to apply and distress. You may want to add a splash of black or red for boldness. Apply the paint in even strokes and allow to air dry completely. Add another layer if necessary. Once the paint is completely dry, sand the edges of the furniture to give a weathered look to the piece. You should only sand where the item would normally show wear. This would be along the edges, corners, and other areas. Once you have sanded all the areas, wipe the piece done with a damp cloth to remove excess dust.

The Finishing Touches

Once you have painted and distressed your furniture, you are ready to add the accessories. Shabby Chic French Style furniture is not complete without knobs, stencils, moulding, and beading. You may use new or vintage hardware for your piece. Crystal or antique metal knobs look great with the Shabby Chic French Style. You can also add vintage or antique wallpaper to the drawers and shelves of tables and armoires.

Antique toile wallpaper is a favourite amongst Shabby Chic enthusiasts. If you refurbish a couch or sofa with removable cushions, now is the time to add in the overstuffed cushions. Top off the seating with overstuffed pillows and antique linens for comfort. Add ornate moulding to doors and drawers for a little added pizzazz. Beading on pillows adds some glitter and interest.

About the Author

Aimee Coppock is a professional interior decorator who is in love with Crown French furniture. She has her own line of Shabby Chic milk paint coming out in 2014 to be sold in stores around the United Kingdom.

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