3 ways to reduce the noise in your home

by Editor on January 23, 2014

Master bedroom, insulated wall againAfter a long day’s work all we want is to come home, curl up on the sofa and sit back and relax. The last thing we want is loud neighbours, barking dogs and screeching car alarms disrupting our quiet time and giving us a headache in the process.

With a few simple fixes, you can turn your loud home into a peaceful, serene heaven. Here are three ways to reduce the noise in your house:

Double glazing

According to Granada Secondary Glazing, most of the noise that enters our homes is through windows and doors; therefore, a way to tackle this issue is to install double glazing. Double glazing might be a costly undertaking, but this will be offset by the money you save on your energy bills – another added bonus of making this home improvement!

Double glazing reduces noise, because it has air trapped between the two panes of glass. Standard primary window glass used to be 4mm or 3mm thick with nothing either side, whereas with secondary glazing the glass is 6mm thick with a 100mm gap in between.

It’s also a great method for insulating your home, so you could save some money on your heating bills in the process – bonus!

Anti–vibration mounts

Home owners will know that not all noises that disturb us come from outside. In fact, some house hold equipment can be even louder than the likes of dogs barking and car doors slamming, and more of a pain because it’s in the house. I’m sure you’ll all know what I’m talking about when I say the greatest noise within the home is when your washing machine sounds like it’s throwing a wobbler.

Usually during the end of its cycle it’s spinning so fast that it bouncers off the benchers and anything around it, making a horrific noise like it’s going to explode. Well you don’t need to hide in fear, waiting for it to end any longer! WDS Ltd have a selection of anti-vibration mounts that act as vibration isolators;simply chose which thread variation you require and sit back and listen to the sound of silence.

Insulate the walls

If you live in a newly built home I’m sure you’ve realised by now that the walls are as thin as paper, and that you can sometimes hear what the person next door is watching on TV. An easy solution would be to add insulation to the walls.To do this you will have to open up your walls, which might cause a small mess, but it will make a huge difference in decreasing the noise. If you want to give it a go yourself, here is a ‘how to’ from About.com.

If not, you can purchase foam insulation boards that can be covered in fabric and hung on the walls like artwork, which won’t cause any mess, and you can easily move them to where you need them most.

photo by: robfromthecity

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