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by Editor on May 16, 2013


As one of the busiest rooms in a home, the kitchen can easily get over run with appliances, utensils and gadgets clogging up cupboards, worktops and the floor.  But a cluttered kitchen creates a disorganised environment, not conducive to cooking, relaxing or entertaining.  So, if your kitchen mess is getting on top of you, here are some valuable tips to restoring calm again.

Assess what you need and use

There are so many things that constitute kitchen paraphernalia that it’s not hard to see how easy it could be to allow clutter to clog up this well-used room.  And with gadgets galore available to assist you with chopping, cutting, cooking and grinding, etc, kitchen space can soon be swallowed up by appliances.  So where do you start in trying to restore order to your kitchen again?

The first thing is to consider exactly what you use in the kitchen, and what you don’t use.  There is an element of being honest with yourself in this task.  If the juicer or the bread maker on the work surface is gathering dust, then ask yourself if you are ever likely to use it again.  If in doubt, at least store it away, either in a kitchen cupboard or another room such as the attic.  Only keep items out on your kitchen surfaces that you use frequently.

If you have an excess of items such as plates, cups or crockery, try to whittle them down to the amounts you really require.  Again, you can always store the excess items away, should the need arise for using them.

Clear out your cupboards

Kitchen cupboards can be prone to forming disorganised chaos over time, so a worthwhile project is to clear them out now and again and assess what you’ve got in there, and put items back in a neat and orderly manner.  You’ll be surprised how much extra space you’ll create from doing this exercise.  Not only will it enable you to monitor those half-empty packets of items festering at the back of the cupboard that have long since past their sell by date, but it will allow you to group items together, so you will know exactly what you’ve got in there.

Form habits

One of the best ways you can reduce clutter in your kitchen is to start forming good habits when it comes to being tidy and organised.  Relaxing your stance on clutter will allow it to build up again, so try and get all of the family on board to keep your kitchen in good shape.  Get into the habit of putting pots, dishes and crockery away at the end of the day.  Don’t leave piles of papers or junk mail on the worktops, try and deal with them as soon as you can.  Label items and store them in designated places, so that you don’t get into the habit of depositing them anywhere.

Create sensible storage solutions

If you have a large family and little kitchen space, then you’ll need to create sensible storage solutions to keep clutter at bay.  Aside from kitchen cupboards and drawers there are lots of neat ways and methods to gain storage area.  Consider the backs of cupboards, for instance, for hanging up utensils or small items.  Attach shelves to the walls and make use of storage jars, which can be turned into an attractive feature in your kitchen.

Be ruthless

Once you’ve established a clutter-free kitchen, your best bet in keeping it that way is to be ruthless when it comes to shopping for your kitchen.  Try to avoid being tempted into buying the latest kitchen gadgets (unless you’re utterly convinced you need them), and don’t buy items you’ve already got, unless you intend to replace the old ones.

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