Redo Your Bedroom With Winter 2013’s Biggest Décor Trends

by Editor on May 3, 2013


You don’t always have to wait for spring to refresh and redecorate your home. You can use any season as an excuse to give your home, or parts of it, a new look. Winter, for instance, is a good time to redo your bedroom. We all seek the warmth and comfort of our bedroom more often during the colder months, so it only makes sense to give this room special attention during this time.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t stress. What follows, are the main décor trends for winter in 2013. It all comes down to colour, print and fabrics.

Colour – Emerald Green

Emerald green was named Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2013. So it doesn’t matter if you bring it into your bedroom for winter – it will be in style all year round.

It helps that this particular shade of green will go with just about any colour. You can pair it successfully with neutrals and other bold colours, but it will work especially well with metallics.

The easiest way to incorporate it into your bedroom is to change your bedding to a set with emerald green touches. Or if you prefer your bedroom white, consider making it a part of the look with a throw or scatter cushions. You could even replace your current lamp shades with emerald green ones for a quirky touch.

Print – Big and Bold

Prints draw inspiration from the 1970s, with geometric patterns and stripes popping up everywhere. Like back then, these prints create a playful and happy atmosphere wherever they are used.

When choosing your print, you can go bold with the colours as well. But if you like to keep your décor simple, go with muted tones or a monochromatic colour scheme.

With wallpaper still in this year, you can bring your chosen print into your bedroom with wallpaper on an accent wall. Smaller, but equally striking alternatives would be a rug, art work, headboard or even a chest of drawers you did yourself.

Fabrics – Natural and Handmade

The trend in décor and design worldwide is a throwback to simpler times, when articles were still handmade. If this fad appeals to you, have it feature in your bedroom in the form of knitted or embroidered items. The obvious solutions here would be blankets, pillows and throws. You could look at rugs as well. Pick one in a bold print and you’ve killed two trendy birds with one stone!

Experts also recommend wood and woven items when you want to go natural. If you can’t afford to buy new furniture to keep up with the trend, shop for budget-friendly wicker baskets or small wooden décor items.

Keep in mind that less is always more when it comes to decorating – you don’t have to use all the trends at once. And you certainly don’t have to replace every single item in your bedroom. Just one or two small changes can make a world of difference.

Terrence recently bought a house and was looking for some inspiration when he had to decorate it. He decided to share what he found, and can also happily report that his home is looking great.

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