Redecorating Your Home On The Cheap

by Editor on June 16, 2013


For many people these dark economic times make it impossible to move away from a house that has become tired and uninteresting after years of residence. And as much as you would like to rip out and replace everything out, these same financial restrictions stand in the way. However there are ways to completely change the look of a home’s without spending an arm and a leg.

Sprucing Up The Kitchen

The kitchen is an often-overlooked area of the house despite being a place where most of us spend a considerable amount of time. And while appliances and cabinets are expensive, a little work changing the tiles around the sink and the addition of some pretty pots and jars will transform it considerable. The same is true in bathrooms where simply replacing the shower curtain and removing or reorganising items will make it a more relaxing space.

Further afield, changing the colour of walls around the house is a cheap and dramatic way to change its look and feel. Décor is the style of the moment, but you can give each room a different theme. Choose two contrasting colours for a room and, once painted, fill the space with furniture, pictures and accessories that match. You will be surprised how different colours can affect a room.

Making Use Of Photos

You could also extend this theme to the selection of photo frames to put up, while turning a wall into a giant photo gallery of friends and family will create a feature that constantly draws attention from you and your guests. Furthermore, moving photos, paintings and posters into different rooms is an easy way to make them and the rooms themselves look completely different.

Another simple idea is to re-accessorise the home since if items have been in the same place for a long time you will have stopped noticing them. The sheer number you have lying around if you take the attention to really look will surprise you, and the look and feel of the house can change dramatically if you remove all of them and put them back in different places.

The redecoration process should be considered both an art and a science in that the work is done with the results in mind but the process itself can be enjoyable and fulfilling. Of course you could use and painting and decorating company, but where’s the fun in that?

Decorating with Mirrors

Strategically placed mirrors will allow light to penetrate dark rooms while making them appear bigger. Adding some plants in terracotta pots will also bring new life to a space – literally – while lampshades can drastically alter a room’s feel and can be chosen to match the new colour scheme. Small inexpensive items like coasters, desktop photo frames, and shells found on the beach can also be incorporated into your chosen design. As you can see, the number of things you can do on a budget is limitless and a bit of thought and research in these summer months will make you want to stay inside during winter’s forced hibernation later in the year.

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