Range Cookers Are A Great Choice For Eco-Friendly Cooks

by Editor on June 7, 2013


Consumers all over the world are becoming more aware of the need to protect the environment and make choices that take into account the environmental impact that their decisions will have. There is no getting away from the fact that the production of domestic appliances such as conventional cookers and ranges leaves a carbon footprint, the important thing is to look at ways of minimising this, and also minimising the effect an appliance will have on the environment during its lifespan. Range cookers have for a long time been the appliance of choice for cooks keen to lessen their impact on the planet, but why?

Already part of the recycling process

Some manufacturers of range cookers make sure that their products are already eco-friendly before they’ve rolled off the production line. By choosing to include recycled cast iron in the manufacturing process it means everything from manhole covers to old cookers can be used to create the new appliance.

Heating as well as cooking

The increasing cost of electricity and gas has led many households to take a close look at the money they’re currently spending on heating their properties and as a result, some are choosing to install range cookers capable of heating as well as cooking. The warm glow that is released by a range cooker can negate the need for radiators in a kitchen and living area. Some range cookers can also be ordered with integral boilers, meaning there is no need for a home to have separate heating and cooking systems, resulting in potentially large savings over the life of the range.

Length of service

Perhaps the simplest reason why more and more people are choosing to invest in range cookers is due to the fact that they last – as simple as that. If you purchase a cast-iron range then you will not find yourself looking for a replacement in five or ten years’ time. That’s not to say that range cookers are bulletproof and never require any type of maintenance, but you can be sure that you will not be contemplating throwing your range out a few years down the line.

Range of fuels

While range cookers can be made to run on all kinds of fuel including oil, turf and briquettes, one of the most popular fuels at the moment is wood. Hardwoods and softwoods are great options when it comes to economical ways to heat a home and cook food. This is especially true of hardwoods as they take longer to burn. Wood is a sustainable fuel source and is considered to be part of a carbon neutral process when it is burned. What’s more, a tree can be replaced like-for-like in as little as 10 years, ensuring that well managed forests can provide a readily available form of fuel. Burning a log in a range will only release the same amount of carbon dioxide as it would had the tree been felled in a strong wind and left to rot naturally on the floor of a forest. Therefore, just as long as felled trees are replaced with new saplings, there is no net impact on the environment.

About the Author

Guest post contributed by Simon Hardman, a hobby chef who believes the kitchen is the most important room in the house. Simon is also a big believer in living green and is currently saving to buy a wood burning range cookers.

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