Quick Ways To Transform Your Outdoor Space

by Editor on May 29, 2013


There is nothing like sitting in a comfortable chair out on your shaded, steel patio with an ice-cold glass of lemonade and a good book. Your outdoor space can really be your own personal oasis, which is why you should treat it like one. You deserve to have a space that allows you to relax and take in the beautiful weather, but that doesn’t mean you have to completely redo your entire backyard. There are simple changes and additions you can make that will completely transform the feeling of your private oasis and will send you off to enjoy the relaxation in style and comfort.

A Little Privacy, Please

We all need a little ‘me time’ now and then, and for most, your backyard is a sacred place where you are really not interested in a lot of people nosing around uninvited. So, this is a place where you want a bit of privacy. HGTV explains that outdoor ‘rooms’ require privacy just as an indoor room would. They suggest that for your outdoor space, placing a trellis in a large planter can help you to make the perfect outdoor wall. From there, you have so many options to continue sheathing you space; you can drape a sheer fabric or hang flowers around the space. HGTV also suggests reclaiming old gates could work as a partition of sorts.

Soft Lighting Creates the Mood

Just as you like some soft lighting when you are relaxing in a warm bath, you want ambient lighting in your outdoor space. A lot of time spent in your outdoor space will be in the evening, so there will be a definite need for some light. You don’t even have to go out to the store to get some lighting in your space because chances are you already have some strings of Christmas lights lying around. Christmas lights are perfect for outdoor lighting plus you can wrap them anywhere, giving you the freedom to get a little creative with their placement. If you are not feeling comfortable with the Christmas lights idea, you can always trade up just a smidge and get string lights with paper lanterns over them (but these really are just Christmas lights with bits of round paper over them).

A Little Décor

It cannot be stressed enough that you need to treat your outside oasis as you would a room within your house, and that means you need to decorate. You would never in a million years have a room that just had a couch and a couple chairs with a string of Christmas lights and a hanging flower plant in your home, would you? Then you shouldn’t outdoors either. Decorating your outdoor space doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune though. There are plenty of DIY projects you can find that will have your simple steel patio sparkling with color and creativity; you will hardly even recognize it!

With a little vision and creativity, you can take your outdoor space from “eh” to “wow!” in no time and you will be glad you did.

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