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by Editor on May 16, 2013


Would you want your expensive carpet to be handled by untrained and unprofessional group of cleaners who have no competency in their trade? Certainly not. While cheap prices may be a big attraction for these services, you can be rest assured that it is not worth putting your expensive carpet in danger. Here is a list of all those questions which may help you get the best commercial carpet cleaners.

Is there any written guarantee of your services?

While anyone can say that their work is ‘guaranteed’, only a few give the guarantee in writing. Make sure your commercial carpet cleaners give you a contract which includes all the guarantees they are talking about. This must a top most priority before hiring any Carpet Cleaning Services.

Can you provide a written estimate?

Raising the cost during the work as compared to the earlier cost estimations has become a habit now. Make sure you get a written estimate of all the costs involved from top to bottom till the completion of the work.

Do you have a truck-mounted system in place?

A truck mounted cleaning unit gives you the assurance that your carpet is in the hands of a professional commercial carpet cleaner. Any other machine than a truck mounted system would not good enough for your carpet. All the commercial carpet cleaners essentially use a truck mounted system which comprises of large tank and a hose. Water is sucked by the hose. This process assures an effective cleaning procedure for your carpet.

Are the technicians certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification)?

An IICRC certified technician has hands on training in all kinds of carpet services, from cleaning to restoring. Giving your carpet in the hands of an IICRC certified commercial carpet cleaners assures that there are only minute chances of anything going wrong with your carpet.

Do you have any references from your past clients?

A renowned Carpet Cleaning Service will surely have many successful references to their name. A proven track record is best supported by good references of the old clients. Don’t hesitate in asking for the past references of the technicians that are coming to clean your carpet.

Is the technician a member of the Ethical services?

There is a dedicated organization which looks for the best carpet cleaning services available in the market for the people to utilize. Make sure that your carpet cleaning technician is in the list of the Ethical services. If their name is on the ethical services list, you can be rest assured that you will have a good experience with the commercial carpet cleaners.

Is there any insurance of the technicians handling your carpet?

The last thing you would want in the whole process is the technician getting injured while cleaning your carpet. On top of that, if you were to pay for the injuries caused to the technician, this could make your experience even worse. To avoid all these circumstances, make sure that the technician is insured which covers all the injuries caused at work.

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