Protect And Maintain Your Roof During The Summer, Against Harsh Weather In The Winter.

by Editor on May 21, 2013

Roof and Church

Protect and maintain your roof during the Summer, against harsh weather in the Winter.

An over-looked and under-maintained aspect of our home is the roof. Trade advice is that roofs should be inspected twice a year for any defects and maintenance issues which should then be dealt with quickly and effectively; not dealing with issues can soon lead to a bigger problem that comes with a bigger repair bill!

Many homeowners are choosing to apply a premium waterproof protective membrane on their roof; the benefits are numerous not least the fact that having the membrane applied to your roof adds years of life to your roof – at a fraction of the cost of a new roof.

Some coating treatments offer energy-saving benefits too as well as adding value to your home, with the added kerb appeal of a coated roof (there are several colours to choose from!).

Just look at the benefits:

  • A roof that looks rejuvenated and better than a new roof
  • Protection from the harsh British weather
  • Can help reduce heat loss from your roof cavity
  • Helps to reduce excessive heat gain during summer months
  • Membrane inhibits the growth of mould, moss and lichen
  • Complete protection for your roof (from tiles through to the flashing)
  • Maintenance free for many years
  • Suitable for both domestics and commercial properties

Commercial buildings of all type can benefit from having a protective roof membrane applied and there are many examples of commercial applications including hospitals, shopping centres and apartment blocks. Customers are also wide and varied.

Housing Associations

With the recent stock transfer of council housing stock to housing associations, many of these new organisations have inherited properties that are not only old but may not have had the high level of maintenance that is sometimes required with older properties. Now that the essential works have been carried out to bring these properties up to standard, housing associations are now looking at maintaining these properties, looking for cost-effective solutions. Whilst the outlay to have several hundred roofs covered with a protective membrane may seem prohibitive, the application of the protective coating can lengthen the life of the roof by more than 15 years. With little or no maintenance required, the financial savings are substantial.

The process of coating starts with a deep-clean of the roof, making sure of dirt and debris is removed. Once this stage is complete, a thorough examination of the roof needs to happen so that any maintenance or repair work required is done so prior to the membrane being applied. On some properties, tiles may need replacing and mortar replaced or ‘made good’.

The coating is then applied and depending on the membrane type being used, may take 2 or 3 coats to ensure the correct layers are applied.

It is a membrane that retains elasticity and malleability; as the roof heats and cools, the membrane will expand and contract. It will not crack or degrade and is a material that is a worthwhile option when it comes to improving the performance of your roof.

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