Preparing Your Home For The Summer

by Editor on May 30, 2013


Summer isn’t far away, which means the temperature is going to be steadily increasing. As nice as the summer months can be, they can also be quite uncomfortable, especially when homeowners haven’t prepared for the heat. The following are a few ways that the homeowner can prepare his or her home for the upcoming heat of summer.

  • Home Energy Audit – Schedule a professional energy auditor to come by the house in order to conduct a home energy audit. A home energy audit will help to pinpoint different areas in the home where energy is being lost. This will allow the homeowner to seal any air leaks throughout the home as well as add additional insulation where needed. The reason a homeowner should do this is because if they don’t, the cool air produced by his or her air conditioner unit will simply leak out of the house. Not only will this make it difficult for the air conditioning system to cool the home, it will also raise the cost of the homeowner’s energy bills.
  • Install Ceiling Fans – Homeowners that do not have ceiling fans installed throughout their home should strongly consider having them installed. Although ceiling fans do not actually affect the temperature of the home, they do create a breeze that helps to evaporate moisture. Because they aid in the elimination of humidity, ceiling fans can make the home feel colder. This in turn allows the homeowner to raise the thermostat slightly, reducing wear and tear on the air conditioning system as well as lowering energy bills.
  • Air Conditioner Repair – To make sure the air conditioner is working properly, homeowners should contact a professional to come service it. If it’s not working properly, not only will it do a poor job cooling down the home, it will raise energy costs. Annual maintenance, including a full cleaning should be performed to ensure peak performance throughout the summer.
  • Air Ducts – If the homeowner has a forced air system, he or she should contact a professional to come inspect the air ducts. Because the cool air travels throughout the air ducts in order to spread throughout the house, the homeowner will want to make sure there are no leaks or blockages anywhere within the duct system.
  • Change Air Filters – To make sure the airflow is smooth, homeowners should change all of their home’s air filters before the summer months begin. Dirty air filters can result in inefficient cooling of the home and higher energy bills.
  • Programmable Thermostat – Homeowners should think about replacing older thermostats with programmable thermostats. Not only are programmable thermostats more reliable, they can save the homeowner money over time. This can be done by programming the thermostat to turn to its most energy saving settings when no one is at home, and to turn back on again at the time that the homeowner returns.
  • Screen Doors and Windows – A screen door will allow the homeowner to leave the door open so that fresh air can circulate throughout the house without having to worry about insects and outdoor debris coming into the house. Screen windows should be put up for the same reason.

In addition to air conditioner repair, these are some of the ways that homeowners can prepare their homes for the upcoming summer heat.

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