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by Editor on May 21, 2013

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Perhaps many of you spin out a lot of hours cleaning their houses and apartments. And perhaps while doing it, pray for a magical way to get through this faster and easier. Without all that friction, rubbing, galling, scratching with all types of unhealthy, expensive, skin irritants. With some surprising tricks you can spend time and efforts.

 Everyone knows how important is to scrub-up your dwelling place. Every second week you have to turn up, get diverse detergents and start climbing to the highest spots and take care about darkest and tucked places if you want your place clean and cosy. Have in mind that you do not need all chemicals to do the work. All you need to clean properly, safety, less expensive and healthier is already in your drawers. Even rust, corrosion, mould, tanned. Just have to know what to do and how to do it.

 To clean all surfaces in the kitchen dunk half of a lemon in baking soda and struggle it. Just keep it from marble and stainless steel because thy are going to get tarnish. After that just dry with a peace of cloth and erasure. Be sure that it is going to disinfect and will leave good fresh smell all over.

 To remove little pieces of food or stains from cup boards made of wood or plastic, irrigate them with fresh lemon juice, rub them on with a stiff haired brush and leave them for twenty minutes, for example. After that just wash with cool water.

 To disinfect the dish washer spill into the container a cup of white vinegar or place the cup at the lower grid. Turn on the machine empty- without any other dishes or glasses in it.

 To clean oily cutlery scratch them with baking soda using a brush with stiff hairs. To polish the silver use toothpaste and toothbrush. Or just boil it in water with dissolved soda in it.

 Dirty and horny flesh-pots, frying pans you can clean using baking soda again. Cover the dirty spots with seltzer or salt and pour over lemon juice. This will provoke strong chemical reaction which will release you from all the grime. It is 100% safety. Then just erase with sponge and wash with cool water.

 To remove spots from copper or brass things use ketchup. Yes, that is right- ketchup! Press out out some of the sauce on soft towel and treat the desire spots. They will restore their original colour after a few minutes.

 To pure deep vases or bottles with tiny manholes just put a teaspoon of uncooked rise, water and a little soup in it. While shaking the bottle the rise will scramble from the inside and this way will digress the dirtiness.

 The fog will help you to restore your rug. The heavy furniture is wearing down the cloth of all rugs or carpets. This cause a lot of damage on it. Treat these spots with the fog scrabbling after the cloth in order to arrange them and put them in proper original order.

 To resolve the problem with highly located spider webs use the grip on the mop or broom. You can fix humid peace of cloth on the top of the grip to catch the webs. Be careful with this technique because it is possible to stain the walls unaware. Make yourself sure that the cloth is clean all the time. When you have doubt that is so- just change it.

 If is seems a lot of work for you use professional help of the Cleaning Companies. They will do all these work instead while you will be able to do much more pleasant things.

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