Portable Toilets-A Popular Must Have

by Editor on May 28, 2013

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Portable toilets, also known as a ‘Porta Potty’ are portable enclosed buildings containing a chemical toilet and are very popular for construction sites and gatherings.  They have become very popular due to their convenience and durability.

What are the Advantages of a Porta Potty?

For construction sites, renting a porta potty is very advantageous.  As most construction sites can be located far from the convenience of regular restroom, setting up a porta potty saves the workers time by not having to leave the job site.   Porta potty’s are mobile, so they can be easily moved from one job site to another.

Individuals holding large gatherings such as weddings, birthday parties, or festive holiday celebrations can reap the benefits of a porta potty due to several people needing to use a restroom at once and to save wear and tear inside their household, if gatherings are held outside.

Another place where you can find the convenience of a porta potty is sporting events.  Due to large volumes of people, you are sure to be able to have quick access to using a restroom, without standing in long lines.

Are there any Disadvantages to renting a Porta Potty?

As with anything else, there are disadvantages.  The main disadvantage is sometimes you have to have a special permit from the city where you are planning on locating the potty due to the sewage smell they can give off if not properly maintained.

What about the cleanliness of a Porta Potty?

The porta potty has come a long way in the past couple of years.  Government departments such as Health and Safety Department of Environment promote good cleanliness and hygiene.  Chemicals are used in reducing toxic smells from the potty, a blue deodorizing chemical interacting with urine and feces will turn green indicating that the chemical is no longer effective.

In some places formaldehyde is used to neutralize odors which has  been effective for breaking down bacteria.  However, some states ban the use of this chemical and many RV parks as well, due to the interference with their sewage plants.

Many new porta potties are now equipped with toilet paper dispensers, hand sanitizers, and a separate urinal next to the seat.  Normally when a multitude of potties are set up at one particular location, you can find a portable sink with soap and paper towels just outside of the portable stall.

Many upscale events being held are in need of a more ‘luxury’ toilet, which are provided by companies such as Luxury Restroom Rentals.  Porta potties also come in this type of structure including running water, flushing toilet, stalls, mirrors, lighting and even electricity for heating and cooling.  The cost of owning or renting one of these types will cost approximately forty times the typical potty.  A unit such as this is mainly used for movie shoots and high end charity events.

Whatever the event is one might be holding, a restroom or a place to ‘potty’ is a necessity and portable potties, due to the convenience and durability of the buildings today, they have become very popular and provide several amenities anyone may need.

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On top of a full time medical coding career, C. Jones allocates much of her time to writing.  Her areas of research range from luxury restroom trailers to file sharing software.

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