Paintings And Photos As Your Indoor Home Decoration

by Editor on June 12, 2013

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There is so much we can do to our homes to make them more, comfortable or attractive – probably both. One issue that is faced by a lot of home owners is that they either don’t have the time to go ahead and do some home decoration even though they fully plan to do. Perhaps the source of this problem is that they are not sure exactly where they should start. This lack of direction makes them lose interest and simply forget about home decoration altogether.

The truth of the matter is that there are a lot of ideas flying around that can be easily implemented at your home. A number of these ideas seem so simple that once you start reading about them, you will realize that they are simple and why you did not think of them already. Once you start to get an idea the about the simpler ways you can improve your home and make it look grand with decorations, you will be surprised at some of the more innovative ideas that your mind will start discovering. After that, there will be no stopping you from going completely crazy with nonstop home decoration activities.


All of us like to reflect on our own lives either via photographs or via paintings. Either one of them makes for great home decoration.

If you are not much into paintings, then you thoroughly enjoy making wall hangings out of photos. The source of these wall hangings, photographs can come from any source. One great source of photos are family gatherings which happen way too often but they are always fun. Today, almost all of us are armed with modern phones which are equipped with decent cameras anyway. You could be attending a wedding, going on a trekking trip with your office friends or a family gathering for events like birthday or festival or wedding shopping.

Have fun with your camera phone and click away pictures until it runs out of battery. Then, charge the phone and take even more pictures. In most cases, your phone itself would have a number of ways to enhance the image, add caption, filters and make it better. After only a few minutes, you will have a collection of photos that are just amazing.

Getting them printed is easier, especially with all those photo printing services that are active online. Most of them allow you to either directly upload the pictures from your phone or from your tablet and PC. You can order blown up wall papers, portraits. Some of them even give you an option of having them framed. In a matter of weeks you could decorate your entire home filled with photos of your loved ones and friends.


Some folks don’t really like to hang pictures of the real world and want something that is a little less real and more of the imaginary things. Paintings are a solution.

The source of paintings are slightly different and depending on how much you want to spend on them, they could cost a lot of money. If you are only starting with your painting collection, then the simpler thing to do would be start with buying posters of paintings from an online retailer. Once the posters are delivered, you could have them framed. In some cases, the same retailer who sold you the painting can also do the framing, which could be complimentary on some of the higher end paintings. Over time, as you gain idea about paintings and begin to appreciate art, you can start by visiting art galleries and shows and buy real paintings for your wall.

The key to buying paintings is to consider your existing indoor decoration and see how it would fit with the rest of the house. You should have a clear idea about not just current needs but also future decorations. For instance, if you have a large open wall in your living room, you could either go with one single painting or have multiple paintings. Do remember that, unlike photos, paintings need a certain type of lighting to really show their true beauty. If you are considering investing heavily in paintings for your home decoration, then be ready to learn and put aside some money for painting specific lighting.

As you become more involved with indoor decoration, do not make the mistake of ignoring your outdoors. It is ideal that your indoor decoration is on par with outdoor home improvements. Outdoor home improvements usually come down to painting your walls and picking up the right collection of windows and doors that complement each other.

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The author decided to balance his extravagant indoor decoration with outdoor home improvements. His choice of home improvement is double glazed windows.

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