Packing Tips For The Big Move

by Editor on May 16, 2013

So you finally sold your house and now you’re ready for the big move (you think). Before you start any major packing, follow these simple packing and packaging tips to help make your move easier on yourself and less expensive.

Never Pay for Boxes

Take a trip to your local package store or super market and ask the manager when they get deliveries. If they don’t use their incoming boxes for any reason, or if they just recycle them, ask the manager if they can just hold them aside for you. Then you can go in and pick up their unused boxes, and you essentially become their garbage collector for the day.

Move With Bubble Wrap

For all of your pricey and delicate items in your home, be sure you reinforce them in their boxes with bubble wrap. To start, cut out the bubble wrap so it will fit squarely in the bottom of the box. Wrap the delicate or valuable items in the bubble wrap, and be sure they won’t move around or bump into other items. An extra blanket or towel is a great thing to add to the box to ensure that won’t happen.

Plenty of Colors to Choose From

Boxes tend to only come in brown, but if you haven’t noticed, there are plenty of colors available when it comes to duct tape or packaging tape that you can find in just about every major supermarket or hardware store. It’s a great way to keep all of your boxes organized, as you can color code your boxes for each room in your home. It’s also a great way to let the movers know which rooms to put the boxes in when they come off their truck.

Reinforce your Boxes

Before you start loading things into your boxes, be sure that you reinforce your boxes with your color coded duct tape really well. When you close things up, be sure you reinforce the top of the box just as well as the bottom. Movers sometimes won’t keep your boxes right side up, so you want your boxes to be secure on all sides.

Ziplock Storage Bags

Keep all the small things stored in ziplock bags in your moving boxes. This can include anything from silverware to crayons for your kids. It keeps them both clean and organized during the moving process, and you’re less likely to lose things. Additionally, if you disassembled anything like your bed frame or tv stand, you most likely had to take a part necessary screws and bolts. Avoid losing them by putting them in a zip lock bag and taping them to the bed frame or tv stand.

Keep a Marker Handy

Everyone needs to open a few important boxes first, like their kitchen supplies or their toiletries. Use a marker to make note of which boxes need to be opened first, and which ones can be saved for the next day. This makes it easier for yourself, as well as the movers who know to put those boxes in clear sight and not buried away in a pile of boxes in the garage.

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