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by Editor on June 14, 2013


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Getting the decoration right for your special, outdoor occasion is very important, as well as planning the seating, access to the garden, house and food. It is not enough to cut the grass and trim the bushes or hedges; you need to provide comfort and light for the perfect outdoor party, with easy access to all the facilities and entertainment. You need to consider your guests’ tastes well as making a statement about your personal style. This might sound like a   hard task, but if you plan ahead, you can succeed.

Seating Area

You have to ensure that the seating area of your outdoor party is close to the entrance of the house. If you have a back kitchen door or patio, you should place the seats and tables near it, so you can quickly deliver all the food and drinks, unless of course you have storage facilities near your barbecue. Some foods, like salads, are best to be kept in the fridge anyway, but you do not want to run the marathon just to entertain your guests.


Using themes is a great way of creating an atmosphere for the outdoor party. If you have a birthday coming up, you can get decorations relating to the person who is celebrating their day. For kids’ parties, a few cut-out cardboard cartoon characters on the table will do, and if you have a few bushes and trees, you can even hide some toys or treasure in there for them to discover in between games and other party activities.


The main theme of an outdoor gathering, of course, should be greenery. If you have a paved patio, you can get some potted plants outside to make the space look greener. You can consider using wicker furniture to make the party look more natural, however, if you have limited storage for the winter, plastic or folding chairs and tables do just as well.

Outdoor Designer Accessories

To make your guests really enjoy nature, you can place little pots of herbs on the table in the seating area. They can have their name on each pot, so everyone knows where they are sitting and get a gift to take home with them. For kids’ parties, a healthy snack in a themed character bowl can look too tempting to resist; get a Hello Kitty disposable party bag for all the girls’ party favours and a set of Ben 10 bags for the boys. Seat cushions can create a great sophisticated look, while also providing comfort and flexible seating options for people who want to sit on the ground.

Lighting and Shade

If you happen to be lucky enough to have a garden party when the sun is out, you need to think about those who prefer the shade. You can buy designer patio umbrellas that cover the whole seating area. They come in different shades and colours to match your outdoor furniture design. For night parties, you might want to consider solar lamps for adequate lighting. They’re easy to install and move around and they don’t need wires, either.

Rain and Plan B

There is nothing worse than planning a party for weeks and finding out that there will be rain and wind on the day. You always need a Plan B, due to the ever-changing British weather, so it is a good idea to have an outdoor tent or gazebo ready just in case. Erect it over the chairs and tables in just a few minutes before the party starts, so you do not have to move all the party material inside, should the heavens open.

Have you got any outdoor party tips to share? Tell us about the most disastrous experience you ever had when organizing or attending a garden party below.

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