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by Editor on May 6, 2013

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Pergolas are a fun way to enhance the appearance of a backyard by providing a shaded area for homeowners and their guests to spend time outside. The pergola kits can come with a wide variety of options, all of which affect the appearance, function and cost of the pergola. Customers need to keep these options in mind when comparing different pergola options.

Wood vs. Vinyl

The materials that pergolas can be made from are usually either wood or vinyl. Each has its merits, but vinyl is generally the preferred choice. A wooden pergola is cheaper than most vinyl pergolas because of the low cost of lumber. The problem with any outdoor wood structure like pergolas is that the elements damage the structure and cause collapse and turn the structure into an eyesore. Paint can help stave off the decay, but even paint is not a long term solution. Vinyl pergolas, on the other hand, might cost a little more initially, but they will maintain their integrity and appearance for many years.

Free Standing vs. Attached

Once the materials have been decided, customers must choose where the pergola is going to be located. The only two options available here are free standing structures or attached structures. A free standing pergola can be located any place in the yard, giving homeowners the opportunity to create new seating spaces separate from the home. An attached pergola is an extension of the home and becomes an integrated part of the house. Because of their location, attached pergolas make interesting places to grow climbing vines and act as an interesting way to modify the appearance of the home, as well as the yard.

Tuscany Models vs. Garden Spot Models

The final design feature that customers must consider is the style of the pergola. The exterior design of Tuscany models are more expensive that Garden Spot models, but the Tuscany models are extremely sturdy and formal. The Tuscany models use a double reinforced set of support beams, making them seem very beefy. The advantages are that these formal pergolas can support more weight, making them ideal for ivies and other climbing plants. The Garden Spot models are the most economical option for pergolas. These pergolas have a single set of support beams and take up much less room than the Tuscany models. Because they are more lightweight, the Garden Spot models cannot support as much weight as the Tuscany models and reduce their effectiveness as a place to grow climbing plants.

Homeowners have a number of decisions to make when buying a pergola. By choosing high quality options, the homeowner will have a pergola that meets their needs and will last the family for a very long time.

When shopping for pergola kits customers have a number of options to consider.

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