Non Stick, Metal, Granite Or Iron Cookware – Which Is The Best?

by Editor on June 6, 2013

Vintage Dansk and Le Creuset cookware

Choosing the right sort of cookware can be difficult. You may find that you have particular items that you really like using and then some that you are not so keen on. However, when you buy something new it can be difficult knowing which to choose that will suit your needs the most.


Non-stick cookware is popular for use when frying. You can get frying pans, woks and saucepans with non-stick coatings. These help the food not to stick on the pan when it is cooking, which means that it is a lot easier to clean the pan afterwards. They often cannot go in the dishwasher which means that cleaning my not be as straightforward as with other types of pans. After a few years of use the non-stick coating can start to come off in to the food. Some pans do have a guarantee for a certain amount of time but some do lose their ability to be non-stick after a while.


Metal pans can be great for boiling and steaming. With water being used in them, there is nothing that can stick and they wash easily in the dishwasher, as well as being easy to wash out by hand. However, if you fry in them, the food can tend to stick and so this means they will then be hard to clean and the food may burn in them.


Granite pans, tend to be metal pans with a non-stick granite coating. These are non-stick and can be used for dry frying as well as shallow frying in oil. They can usually be washed in a dishwasher and will last a long time. They can be difficult to get hold of and are expensive. They can also be prone to chipping on the edges, with the granite eventually coming away from the metal surface.


Iron is a very heavy material and so some people struggle to use it because of this. It is not non-stick and so is not always the most suitable surface for cooking. It is often used for griddle pans as it nicely browns food.


Some cookware is made enamel. This is a heavy material and therefore the pans are heavy. This does make them heavy duty though and so they do last a long time. They do tend to be expensive.

Choosing cookware is not an easy matter. You need to consider what will be most suitable for the use and how much it costs as well as how easy it is to handle and clean. Most people end up with a selection of different cookware but it is worth considering which is best for you so that you get it right first time or else you could end up spending rather a lot of money. There are many websites where there are reviews of cookware and this should help you to be able to pick the right brand and material for you.

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